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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


When the idea for this form of media exposure was considered, many types of approaches were considered for including, such as, the incorporating of as much detail as possible down to as little as possible and the type of set-up for each page presented. However, after the project/process was started with the development of an outline summary (photo included below), it quickly became clear what type of

approach was better. As a result, a simple but to-the-point approach was settled on for conveying the subject matter. Next, a search for selected supporting documents was carried out for including in the determined approach but with links to the locations where critical information could be accessed.
All areas for the various aspects of the overall end product were considered critical for the message being conveyed, down to and including the type of transitions utilized from page-to-page. Eventually, only two (2) types were used, a diamond type and an open door type. These transitions as well as their placement were very important for introducing and highlighting the appropriate effect for the Conservery message. Even the colors used were selected to convey the story of the Proprietorship’s initial on-line (website) presence (see photo below).

The Original Conservery Website Intro Page
In conclusion, it must be pointed out that the final product was intended to convey: 1) the historical on-line presence of the Proprietorship, 2) the start-up of Conservery in the story-line instead of at the beginning, 3) the current status regarding its operating location historically up to the present and the purpose for the permanent closing of the original office and 4) the current transitioning taking place in preparing for relocation. I HOPE THOSE WHO VIEW THE VIDEO, "CONSERVERY - THE SOLE OWNER'S STORY", (which can be accessed on the Conservery Proprietorship's Page), ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS I ENJOYED PREPARING IT.

James F. Brazant
Office Manager/Founder

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