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Sunday, February 12, 2012


This posting is an addendum to the theme for this month's Conservery calendar series. Please do not be surprised if the subject matter is used repeatedly in different variations during the month (see COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS, COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS - UPDATED and COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS - UPDATED/REVISED).
If the Instructions for IRS’s Form 1040 for tax year 2011 alone are examined for a random number, and if for example the number 37 is chosen and a search is carried out of this document, it will reveal that this number is used a total of 233 times in these Instructions. This includes all variations of the number including where: it’s used at the beginning (ex. 37…); it is included in a number (ex. ...37...), is at the end of a number (ex. …37) and the 77 instances where variations are included in the Tax Tables. Since Decision-Makers included every number used in the Tax Code, these 233 instances (HIDDEN IN THE TAX CODE) are also being classified as other events.
Finally, knowing THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY’S “VIRTUAL”SOCIETY, and the important "contributions" these “pillars of the community” make to the economy (see ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE) and the "high ethical" standards they uphold (see HOW TO IMPLEMENT IDENTITY THEFT AND LEGITIMIZE FRAUD - UPDATED); how else would they be “at ease” (or comfortable) in their “virtual” alter egos enough to file taxes legally and/or diverting tax returns as previously carried out (see HOW ARE MEMBERS OF HE "VIRTUAL" SOCIETY ABLE TO FILE TAXES LEGALLY - UPDATED and RIGHTS GONE WRONG). I WONDER WHAT OTHER HIDDEN GEMS ARE INCLUDED IN THE ENORMOUS TAX CODE?  

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