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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


In today’s digital society when it is not really possible to know who is on the other end of the communicating medium and where technological advances have made it possible for a “virtual” society to flourish on both sides of the Atlantic; how can you tell who is real and who is an impostor (for those who are truly interested in accuracy)? Follow this alphabetical outline to assist in the determination:

·        You cannot tell by the advertisements they display, because it is usually all “smoke and mirrors”.

·        You cannot tell by the “bucks” (or resources) they flaunt, because it’s not possible to tell how they are obtained (see ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE).
·        You cannot tell by the “crests” they display, because they are chameleons and can become anything desired to gain their objective.
·         Most definitely, the diplomas they show cannot be relied on because they can be purchased with the appropriate connections (see ON-GOING COVER-UP OF MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD AND ITS SYMPTOMS).
·         It is not possible to tell by the extras that support them, because these individuals may themselves be “virtual” impostors.
·        You cannot tell by the “virtual friends” who vouch for them, because these individuals may themselves be “virtual” impostors as well.
·        You cannot with any accuracy tell by the grants, which they donate to various causes, because if their resources are questionably obtained, charitable grants are meaningless.
·         It isn’t possible to tell by the history, which they purport to have because to the “virtual" types, such events are typically borrowed (see MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD ON/OFF LINE - A SYMPTOM OF "WEB" ADVANCES).
·        The investments they make are not an accurate barometer of their true identity, because if the sources of their income are “virtual”, it doesn’t matter where their funds are outwardly deposited for legitimacy.
·        Definitely you cannot rely on the jester who is elevated to support impostors in communion (see EXPLANATION OF A DISSASTER PRONE WINDOW DRESSING PERSON and THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY'S VIRTUAL SOCIETY).
·        The stories of their supposed knowledge are not reliable or credible because these types cannot function without armies of “supporters”.
·        The lifestyles they are reported to live by cannot be really validated.
·        Their medical records that exist in their “virtual” identities cannot be relied on for credibility.
·        The networks they are credited with originating rely on unethical tactics only (see ANOTHER REASON FOR EXCLUDING LOCATIONS FROM CONSIDERATION BY THE PROPRIETORSHIP).
·         Even the offspring they use to hide behind for credibility, in actuality belong to others (see THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF HAVING A "VIRTUAL" IDENTITY).
·         Candidates whose only calling card is marked by, deception, deceit and deviousness represent their politics.
·         You cannot tell by the astounding questions noted as having been raised by them, because these types can only operate where pseudo-events (see details below) are involved.
The Above Left Photo Depict Dejon's then Vehicle Being Towed
 On 12/20/2011 From Our Driveway After It Died The Previous
Evening  On 140th Ave About 75 Yards From 8263 And It Was
Diagnosed As Having a Dead Alernator. On 1/13/2012 My Vehicle
 On the Right as well as in the top photo Died in Cedar Rapids
Also Of A Dead Alternator.  I Do Not Believe In Coincidences,
Even On Friday The 13th.
·         Furthermore, you cannot tell by the RSVPs rejected by them in their virtual identities (in, which they are not publicly known), but only use to give them credibility).
·         Without question, you cannot tell by the stamped-signatures used with their virtual identities (IDs).
·         In addition, you cannot tell by their tours-of-duty, because these can also be fictitious.
·         You cannot tell by the universities to, which they donate (often in large measure) for credibility purposes only.
·         Most definitely, their visas cannot be relied on since they are using borrowed IDs and fake passports.
·         Undoubtedly, the (divorce) Waivers they are trying to hide behind for credibility aren’t theirs.
·         Even the x-rays they use are embellished to support their “virtual” IDs because the facts (see SUMMARY OF HIDDEN DANGERS/UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES AND OTHER ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH HAVING "VIRTUAL" IDENTITIES) don’t support their assumed alter egos.
·        Their yearbooks are definitely invalid and cannot be relied on for the obvious reasons, (because these can be doctored with the right donations) and
·         In reality, these individuals are “Zebras”, as they are one pigmentation externally, but marked by a completely different color underneath (or internally in their "virtual" identities or "two faces").   

In conclusion, all that can be stated is that individuals who rely on such methods to live by have to be always “looking over their shoulders” to determine whether or not exposure is over the next horizon to be prepared to ‘‘execute” whatever action is required in order to protect their easily gotten ID/accomplishments. IT IS MY HOPE THAT IF ONLY A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL IS ENLIGHTENED BY THIS DEPICTION OF METHODOLOGY OF THIS VIRTUAL SOCIETY, THEN MY EFFORT WOULD HAVE BEEN WORTH IT.

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