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Monday, January 30, 2012


For the sake of argument, overcoming a relationship is being considered as an addiction as well; so whatever principles are developed can be applied to this scenario as well, as follows:
As a former volunteer smoke cessation program conductor, it is being
This Excerpt of Meeting Minutes From This Healtways Task Force, Documents My Partcipation as Volunteer Health Coordinator of an Area Organization - 1985 (see - Notable Mention Description on the Conservery Proprietorship's Page for additional details)
pointed out from the outset that it is always better in the long run to go “cold-turkey”, but most individuals are not able to go this route for one reason or another. While the “cold turkey” road is initially more difficult, it will be more rewarding over time. However, this path if chosen requires much understanding and support from those in your environment.
Most individuals on the other hand choose a less initially traumatic, but more painful approach to overcoming such events (that’s why nicotine patches were introduced), to feed the addiction by lesser and lesser amounts on an on-going basis, to eventually help “break-free” from such bonds. In my opinion, while easing yourself out of something addictive may appear to be the more desirable path (especially if you are an individual who resists change); it can be the more difficult method. Even though the heart is a remarkable device, what is being implemented here requires more stress being placed on it (the heart) on every occasion a dribble of nicotine (or interaction with the individual in the case of a break-up), is relied on to ease your way out of a situation that you have concluded is clearly not what’s best for you.

In conclusion, from the pros and cons of the two paths briefly examined to determine what’s the better method, it really comes down to personality types; whether you are a “cold turkey” - tough initially, with better prospects for success over the long run type person or a less up-front trauma but more painful approach over time to achieving goals type individual. EACH INDIVIDUAL IS DIFFERENT AND ONLY YOU CAN DETERMINE THE PATH TO BE CHOSEN FOR ACHIEVING SUCCESS IN BREAKING FREE FROM ANY ADDICTION.

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