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Saturday, January 7, 2012


I like to think that I am a person of my word, and when I stated that I give individual(s)/location(s) the benefit of the doubt, especially if they have never interacted with me and/or some prior experience render the location unworkable. However, earlier today when email communication I had with the Stone Canyon Ranch location Reps. with whom I communicated around 12/15/2011 was literally removed from one of my email folders (ostensible by those with the type of on-line equipment that enables them to defraud others in an effort to maintain their “virtual” identities, by using every trick in the book to demonstrate legitimacy), that was the limit for me. I am the type of individual, who (as stated previously keep records), so this print-out documents the time when the indicated Rep. communicated with me, which was then followed up by email communication from the contact individual, whose name is shown on the print-out.
Printout For Records to Demonstrate Contact From 12/15/2011
After this development today, all locations related to this were closed and I HAVE NO FURTHER INTEREST IN ANY OF THEIR LOCATIONS, whether or not they revert to their next trick, phone calls and/or messages that the impostors in their "virtual" identities can respond to in your name using phone spoofing (see below).
View of Calls Recived Earlier today & Voicmail Message Record Shown for Another Related Location Closed in Follow-up as Previouly Stated


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