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Monday, January 9, 2012


What happens when you make relocation decisions that effect those who chose to live in their “virtual” lives, in hiding (in their dual identities) and whom are in possession of the type of sophisticated equipment that can “wipe out” electronic data from computerized equipment; who also did not realize that by choosing such an existence that “imprisons” them to every decision the individual whom they are hiding behind makes, (see The Dangers of Living with Co-Dependent "Virtual" Indentities)? Well they react BY CUTTING OFF YOUR PHONE SERVICE, to prove to you how powerful they are; that they are in position to render your communication equipment unworkable at will.

Why would these individuals be surprised that at my choosing to make a decision on relocation, which excludes them, because they are imprisoned in existences they chose, in order to obtain an easy life without the actual difficulties involved but want to give the appearance of having achieved your successes? This Just goes to show, how intricately connected those in our(their) “virtual” society controlled world are, because they want me to know that they are displeased with my decision-making. They did not include me in their decisions when deciding to take up residence behind my identity, so why should I in turn make decisions that include them. I have no intention of including “virtual” impostors and their supporters in my relocation decisions.

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