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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


When the decision is made to live in this fashion, you constantly have to be looking over your shoulder trying to cover-up you true past by one method or another. Such desperate attempts can include, blackmail, perjury, bribing, intimidation or violence to “make sure” everyone has the same “story”, especially if those in certain positions want to keep working in those positions. However, those who choose this lifestyle have no problem using these methods to repay those to whom they are indebted. The following is a historical synopsis, using a cross-section of events to demonstrate factual developments, that those with their assumed identities cannot be a part of without “burying some other incriminating evidence”.

1.      When I applied for the current Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) for Conservery, I first had to make sure that any previously assigned number was not still valid since these numbers stay with you. Recognizing that I previously had  applied for such a number for Northeastern Structures while in Connecticut, (established to provide long-term financial support for the not-for-profit, The Lighthouse Project Corporation (LPC). Since Northeastern Structures had been loosely established as a partnership, between my estranged Spouse and I, it (the EIN obtained on 11/21/1988, shown below), could not be used. A different number was obtained for Conservery (see Conservery Page).

2.      As previously stated on this Blog, in this Post (How Virtual Identities are Sustained) it was established that various personal documents were never recovered on relocating to Vermont from Connecticut, and efforts were implemented to replace them (and all still have not been obtained); indicating that the removal of the original documents was a deliberate act (especially since a virtual community of impostors have surfaced claiming to have the exact same history as I, but who are citizens of the USA. (with their Supporters backing them).  

3.    After relocating to Iowa in 1991, my initial residence was 2040 Glass Road, Cedar Rapids, IA, Apartment #111. Below is a copy of the Original Lease Application of 5/24/1991 for my initial residence as well as the initial Application for electric service to be turned on, on 6/7/1991 when I arrived for my 6/10/1991 start date (Letter Below). The Lease shows the then ages of my two oldest children (now adults).


Cedarwood Hills Lease Application/Deposit                                              Electric Service Request For  
Reimbursement Check Stub                                                                                    6/7/1991 Start Date
Letter Establishing Start Date of 6/10/1991
     We remained at that residence for one (1) year, with the check stub no 175600 for the $200.00 deposit reimbursement received also shown. We relocated to our current residence here in Olin, which we purchased in 1992 on the lease’s expiration.

4.      After my mortgage for this residence had been repaid, I traded in a travel trailer to obtain an (RV) and this (communication, below) with the then County Treasurer documents the payment of the registration fees during the 2002 payment period (for 769BMT) and a small trailer no longer in use. Other purchase information is also shown in this file.
RV Purchase/Registration Spporting Documents
     There are those who like to turn critical individuals (such as those with whom extensive documented communication and interaction occurred) into “ghosts” in an effort to “bury” their pasts and abscond with that of others. Sometimes it does take more than: deceptive Ads, bribing individuals, violence and the burying of “collateral damage” to usurp the identities of others for your virtual existence. This is one such occasion and documents the dangers of a "virtual identity" belonging  having someone who is aware and is considered "collateral damage" by those who benefit financially from this type of arrangement, but YOU CANNOT HAVE MY HISTORY.

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