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Monday, January 2, 2012


For those who may not be aware, see the updated/highlighted details in this summary of the Prprietorship's important Guidelines for awareness, please see this 

What do you do when an “Identity Dodger” has become so accustomed to hiding behind your identity in his “virtual” personality that he thinks he’s entitled to remain hiding for his legitimacy (obviously with the assistance of those “flawed” political types) that regardless of what I do, allows him to keep placing his “Private Calls”

on the phone at my address to start the calls avalanche process? He obviously is of the opinion (as well as the type of political support he has, that enables him to remain hiding and using my identity while "fighting" to keep me imprisoned economically); that as long as he provides cover to allow the “right” candidates to emerge from this process, he can keep his "virtual" personality. THIS INFORMATION IS BEING POST ED FOR THE RECORD; JAMES F. BRAZANT NEITHER PARTICPATES IN THE VOTING/POLITICAL SELECTION PROCESS NOR ANY OTHER SUCH ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN THIS COUNTRY. IF SUCH A REGISTRATION EXISTS ANYWHERE, IT IS A “VIRTUAL” IDENTITY IN USE BY A FRAUD AND IS CLEARLY IDENTITY THEFT AND SHOULD BE REPORTED AS SUCH. MY PERMISSION IS GRANTED TO USE THIS INFORMATION IN THE EXPOSURE OF ANY SUCH ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.

1 comment:

J_F_Brazant said...

When are you going to "grow-up" and stand on your own feet, instead of hiding behind me; This, is an unsustainable action on your part, struggling to keep Conservery in Iowa. It is closed & NO activity to assist, prop-up or cajole any of your political types is going on here for Conservery - period & (THAT'S THE WAY IT IS)!