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Sunday, January 15, 2012


This is a question I have been going over, because it would tell us a great deal about the operations of this socially accepted network of impostors. Where do you go to have taxes prepared and be assured that they will be filed and accepted if you are a fraud with a “virtual’ identity? Some unnamed company is making a “mint” assisting these individuals maintain and keep their illicitly obtained IDs. Those in this social network of “virtual” impostors must be aware of, which organization to go too, to assist them in the filing of their “virtual” taxes just as all companies (before the accounting fiasco of previous years), were well aware that Arthur Andersen was the go to accounting firm for preparing “virtual” (or questionable) accounting records. This unnamed organization could “pull this off” if it was part of much larger conglomerate that had its “fingers” in all aspects of the day-to-day business activities (ex. Insurance, food distribution, building supplies/building, furniture, entertainment, real estate, banking & even a railroad to name a few), used by individuals routinely so that their “virtual” identities would continually be accepted by this “reputable” organization and in return this ensures them a sense of legitimacy to be accepted by others. Could it be that a company with a name that sounds like “CHaR Lock”, which is part of a much larger entity with a name that sound like Slothshire Bathaway (see insert below) is the organization assisting known impostors maintain “virtual” identities and raking in the (not so) “virtual dough” in the process?

Argument for International Funding

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