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Sunday, January 22, 2012


In keeping with the theme for January, in Conservery’s reformatted calendar series (Arbitrary Action/Events...etc.); what was once thought to be an arbitrary occurrence is now being re-examined to determine its true nature. Why was United Security Savings Bank’s (USSBIA’s) account #21001182100 really closed in 2005 with an “arbitrary” letter (approximately 3-years after my lay-off)? In order to find a clue, an event from 6 years earlier is examined in greater detail to find out why account closure and merging into a totally different entity was warranted (see AN UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE OF HAVING A "VIRTUAL" IDENTITY). In June 1999 a copy of my diploma only was requested to replace the missing documents that were never really recovered on relocating to Vermont in 1989 (see HOW "VIRTUAL" IDENTITIES ARE SUSTAINED). The included copies of then communication below depict the correspondence that took place with my school in this matter. The action started with a phone call by me to the school followed by the preparation of a
Documents to Suppor the Request for the Replacement Diploma in 1999
facsimile transmission and mailing of a copy along with check number 1947 (also shown above with endorsed side) to initiate the process. Having been always skeptical about the non-recovery of my missing documents, a few weeks after the mailing (on June 16th), follow-up communication took place with my school to determine the actual process involved and an interim confirmation was requested until the process was completed, and as a result the following transmittal was obtained here to my current and then address (shown below). Later that summer, the

Communication from Pratt in Support of My Replacement Diploma in 1999
replacement diploma was obtained, however, also included was a copy of my transcripts (see COMPANIONSHIP - A PERSONAL VIEWPOINT) that was not ordered by me. The other abnormality that occurred was the address zip code used on the exterior envelope container 53320, (shown above enlarged and corrected), even though all my written communication with the school clearly showed my correct zip code (52320).
Now since the ordering of school transcripts also require payment and I did not order or pay for the included transcripts, who did? Well, suppose that a “virtual” identity dodger with the support of his “virtual” society types was (illegally) given an exact duplicate account of the subject USSBIA account opened by me in 1993 and with their support a copy my transcripts was “ordered and paid for from this illegal account," of course to give the appearance as if it was this identity dodger and his “virtual” types who ordered the entire replacement diploma and not realizing the reason for it being placed in my full legal name, made sure it was initiated with only my initial. The incorrect zip code could be taken for an error by itself, however, when taken into context with the manner in, which my Alumni ID card was issued xxxxx33 as well (as shown below), these can no longer be considered coincidences. How else

The purpose of this outlne is to document a few questions that have left me without answers. The above depicts the partial copy of my original Pratt diploma with my name written out in its full legal format, consistent with the manner in, which my then school account was established and the fact that I have used my full name for differentiation since I was named after my father exactly, but without the junior. The question that has left me wondering since discovering the original format, is WHY DID THE SCHOOL NOT WRITE OUT MY NAME IN THE SAME FORMAT IN THE REPACEMENT DIPLOMA AS WAS DONE IN THE ORIGNIAL?
The other scenario that I have often questioned is of all the Alumni Identification #s that could be assigned to me, (see above card), what are the chances that I would be assigned a “randomly” selected no. with the nos. “.….33” in it, and I DO NOT believe in coincidences such as these (because too many imposters have been attempting to assume my records/accomplishments).
would people know that he is hiding in his “virtual” identity as James F. Brazant (see THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY'S VIRTUAL SOCIETY)? Maybe this is why the ID cards were issued annually in the first place, (especially since I am still awaiting this year’s card that was mailed on 1/13/2012 (see copy of email shown below). Ostensibly these “virtuals” always had total replacement as

Email Indicating Mailing of Pratt 2012 Alumni ID Cards
their long-range plan (see TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF REASONS FOR EXCLUDING LOCATIONS FROM CONSIDERATION) anyway even though that documented attempt failed. Probably it was always their objective to eventually say, “we always knew that time would prove us to be the originals” (without any mentioning of: a stolen RV, back-dating of documents to support “virtual” identities, back-stabbing of a former employee after an arbitrary lay-off, duplicate illegal accounts, harassment by networking utility partners, identity switching/theft, illegally issued loan origination papers for the RV, mail fraud, manipulating of my divorce proceedings and my adult children’s activities and staging accidents regardless of the conditions). Having issued duplicate numbered accounts to different individuals knowing full well that one was a “virtual” impostor required account closure before discovery, merging into another entity and all the ensuing events to date to cover-up the level of fraud that has occurred. HOWEVER, IF A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL WERE ENLIGHTENED BY THE PATTERN SHOWN IN THESE DOCUMENTED DEVELOPMENTS, MY EFFORTS WOULD HAVE BEEN WORTH IT.


J_F_Brazant said...

I am still awaiting my 2012 Alumni membership card as indicated in the above email. When it's received, it will be noted here.

J_F_Brazant said...

I received my 2012 Alumni Association Membership Card today, and this date/number has NO significance to anyone; it's just the numbered date on, which I received the Card.

J_F_Brazant said...

On 3/20/2012, around 4:36 (37)pm I received a call from a representative of Pratt Institute’s solicitation drive, Rebecca, an architectural major on behalf of their current fund-raising effort. I declined participation (due to the on-going circumstances with my daughter, Danielle). HOWEVER, I POINTED OUT TO THE YOUNG LADY THAT, MY NON-PARTICIPATION AT THIS TIME DID NOT PRECLUDE MY PARTICIPATION IN FUTURE YEARS.

J_F_Brazant said...

Consistent with the above response to the Pratt Representative, NO CONTRIBUTION HAS BEEN MADE TO THE SCHOOL SINCE July, 2011.