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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This Comment to ON-GOING COVER-UP OF MISREPRESENTATION/FRAUD AND ITS SYMPTOMS has been elevated to a posting of its own to incorporate relevant details as indicated in THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY'S "VIRTUAL" SOCIETY. How do you provide a “Bi-Professional Homewrecker” credentials in a country to, which she has been transplanted? First, select an individual who was considered so inconsequential that his identity/accomplishments were “negotiated” away in a “quid pro quo” arrangement-√; second, make sure that the individual who was primarily involved with his education financing, such as the transmission of his finances is “on-board” –his sister & the “Homewrecker” did her part as the “ready made” Link in the initial linked Post above describes-√; third, ensure that his employer lays him off, & alter his records to indicate that he turned out be incompetent. To implement this long-range plan an incompetent individual was hired by others & placed in my Group and the competent individual who was hired by me was switched into a different group. This incompetent individual, hired approximately 12-months after me, was kept attached to me ("at the Hip") for the duration of the time I remained with this employer at that Plant and when I was laid off so was he. This Plant then proceeded to switch personnel records to complete their portion and started their “stealth whispering campaign” after laying me off implying that I was unqualified once my “glorious” past employer “stabbed” me in my back after spending ten years cleaning up their “dirty-work”. For this "Oscar" worthy performance, the CEO was rewarded with placement on the board of directors of GMAC (no wonder in went bankrupt), Carnegie-Mellon bank/Institute, BP (which also has a disastrous track record), Union Pacific railroad and then this disaster-prone “fraud” was installed as Chancellor of the Georgia University System-√. Four, create pseudo events to provide her with a “fictitious” family ancestral history in the USA, such as grave site burials incorrectly carried out/unmarked graves etc.-√ Five, get a corporate sponsor to invest funds in such a manner as to try to connect the “Bi-Professional Homewrecker” to my school accomplishments. Enter, Willis Insurance CO. of England (the “Homewrecker’s” real birthplace) to conveniently take over Sears Tower & rent exactly 140,000 ft² of space to attempt to connect her to 8263 140th Avenue, Olin, IA and through other avenues make donations to Pratt in such a way as to elicit assistance in providing this impostor with “virtual credentials” masked behind my attendance there -√, and six give her a birthday associated with unethical practices at my former workplace to ensure that the backdated letter was given credibility as being legitimate (see insert below). This is how identity fraud is accomplished and given a mark of legitimacy.
The Birthday of A Certain Bi-Professional HomeWrecker (January 17) And The Date Of This Backdated Letter Are Identical And I Do Not Believe In Coincidences.

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