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Friday, June 29, 2012


This theme/topic for the month of July contains some important and very current material, therefore its introduction, a few days early is warranted. How is it possible in an “open and free” country in, which the democratic processes are “clearly” on display, for the “virtuals” and their supporters (to be referred to in the future simply as the “Society”), to control the various avenues in place for achieving higher office? The answer to that question is the subject of this post, namely the process has to be controlled and restricted in order that those who are not part of the “Society” are excluded. The obvious question that follows is; how can this be done with all the methods to be elected “open” for all to see? A once idealistic younger Politician, before he too became embroiled in the same process he characterized in the form of his current problems said words to this effect on his earliest attempt at higher office, “the same people are elected repeatedly”. This was a younger former US Senator John Edwards. He certainly did not mean that remark to be taken literally, because the same individuals are not elected on each occasion, but symbolically they are.
There are numerous loopholes in the process via, which those who are not the desired candidates of the “Society” can be restricted and/or excluded from achieving the ultimate prize, as follows. The primary method for achieving this desired outcome is to cutoff access to campaign funds, without, which the typical candidate’s chances of success are non-existent. Secondly in instances where it’s deemed necessary, tarnishing with scandal is utilized. These “dirty tricks” are used to attack the character of the opposing candidate in an attempt to define the individual. Alternately, the “Society” may attempt to ensure that the nominee is either paired with one of the “Society’s” vast network of running mates or in some cases use a “spouse/partner” with connections to the “Society” to sabotage any legitimate chance the candidate has for success. Finally, just in case a player who is not of the typical grouping of those who normally run for this office, with a chance for success is in the unique position of being within an arms length away from victory as the Party’s nominee, all the stops are pulled to restrict the individual using deceptively “speck-sized” insinuations that are about as meaningful as an “uninvited, outsider” masquerading as an “invited” guest, being discovered at the President’s Ball. Additionally, not leaving things to chance and always with a backup plan, Agents of the Society are “planted” as Staffers among the candidate’s help/assistants to ensure that the candidate’s chances are narrowed sufficiently such that in a very close contest, it will make the difference between being selected or being forced to withdraw. 
With the various methods in their “Playbook” (see WHO IS (ARE) THE "REAL" OWNERS OF THE NO 37 "VIRTUAL" PLAYBOOK?), there is no chance for the normally unprepared candidate to succeed, because the entire financial “pyramid” operating structure of the “Society” is at stake (see the post GIVING PROPER CREDIT WHERE IT’S DUE); therefore considerable resources are exerted in the cause of ensuring that only their candidates or those whom can be controlled by one means or anther are eventually elected by restricting and excluding all others along the way. However, there is “real” hope for CHANGE - A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.

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