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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Honda, please do not take sides in a matter that you do NOT fully understand based on what entities/organizations/individuals “with an agenda told you, no matter their status”, just keep an open mind, when the below communication was made available to your Organization
Letter to HMC of 4/25/2011 - Part of Correspondence
and Embassy at a time of great difficulty in your Country, it was out of  
Part of Follow-up Explanatory Communication to Japan Embassy - However, I am no Longer Involved with My Youngest Daughter's Home Schooled Education Activities as Stated in that Fax 
respect and much concern, Please do not make me loose that respect “REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOUR ORGANIZATION WAS TOLD BY OTHERS WITH THEIR AGENDA” that you may not be completely aware of. All I am asking you to do is think, irrespective of what you were told by others, [how could I an individual without the support of those multi conglomerate entities with deep pockets and the agenda you may not fully understand be in possession of my historical information that others are now claiming as their own (behind my back) after I was hired, worked for ten (10) years cleaning up their files in an area in, which the same Entity who courted you Organization’s support was fined #50,000.00 twice in the late 1980s to early the early 1990s and then laid me off when their objective was achieved – their files cleaned and at the time unknown to me, identity transfer enacted], regardless of the elevations/awards they may give your vehicles (with an expectation of quid pro quo support because I took the time to communicate with you Country historically beginning in 2007, and before that with the State of Hawaii beginning in 1999, check with you embassy in DC and the State even though others were busy taking credit for all my activities which, at the time, I did not understand, see the below photos). The main reason, why these “Society” individuals
Part of Communication with State of Hawaii Beginnng in 1998/1999 When the local Paper was Ordered by my now ex Spouse at My Recommendation 
courted your Organization’s support is precisely because of the historical significance of my actions in communicating with your Country and the State of Hawaii as indicated above, and above all (“beware of political types regardless of status who speak with forked tongue, also with an agenda”). Your vehicles can stand on their own with or without the titles the “Society” gave them expecting your Organization to take sides in a matter that you may not fully understand.  THANK YOU FOR NOT TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT AND TAKE SIDES IN A VERY COMPLICATED MATTER (with its roots in Vermont – see the series of posts on the subject entitled THE COVER-UP IS MORE COSTLY THAN THE ORIGINAL ACTION - UPDATED).

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