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Sunday, July 22, 2012


The selection of this topic as the theme for the month of October is not a coincidence, as it was chosen to highlight and mention those qualities referred to by me as significant “R’s” by design. I have personally known only one such individual in my life, my late mother who possessed some unique qualities that I had the privilege of witnessing first hand. My siblings (especially my sister, June) referred to me as my mother’s “pet” or favorite. I am not sure if what my sister saw and concluded was favoritism was what my late mother felt to me or not because my birth brought back similar circumstances as occurred with her first child, the stillbirth, but not quite at birth. Shortly after my birth I contracted a “cold”, from my late mother who had contracted it, and in her words, she thought that was also going to loose me as she did her first. However, unlike the first-born, I survived, and maybe what my siblings saw was my mother’s joy that her last did not turn out as her first did.
What makes an individual remarkable and reliable? First of all, the definitions from the dictionary are: “noticeable in an uncommon or extraordinary” manner and dependable respectively. These two significant “R’s” as I refer to them are formed from an equally unique prefix, like no other. To digress, this prefix, “re” has the potential to introduce an almost “limitless” set of words, because none other even come close.
Of the two (2) significant “R’s”, remarkable is the “heavyweight”, so to speak, because it takes more than a single synonym to describe it. How was my late mother noticeable in an uncommon way? Well, a pretender, she was not, but one who lived her beliefs, namely that those in need of assistance, should be assisted, if in a position to do so. In this way, she was a well-known, women’s rights advocate. For example, when the spouses, partners or significant others of her customers chose for one reason or another not to contribute to their own households, my late mother could be relied on to extend her unique form of credit for groceries to these individuals, who would pay her back when conditions improved. Some did not, but my mother did not quiver about this because those types could not return again. In her own way, these are some of the types of reasons, which help to gain an understanding into why my late mother did not want to expand the family grocery store, because in a larger supermarket arrangement, my mother would loose that connection she had with those who had come to rely on her. Needless to say these practices made her definitely noticeable in a very unique way.
Reliable typified my late mother, who not only waited for an individual who expressed an interest in her, but also allowed him the opportunity to “seek his fortune” or to prove himself and that she did with my late father (see the posts A TRIBUTE TO MY LATE MOTHER and ADDENDUM TO GIVING "LIFE" THE OLD FASHIONED WAY - UPDATED TO INCLUDE AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY). In the process, she also demonstrated that she could be a potentially reliable spouse. Even though my late mother’s life turned out different than some others, she showed to those who made very different life decisions, and chose not to wait for the“right” type of individual in their lives and paid for their mistakes repeatedly, that regardless, she could be relied on to provide assistance when needed. On rear occasions, some are given a second chance, but this is the exception to the rule, because once this path is chosen, it is extremely difficult to “escape” a relationship from these “con artists”, who “prey” on such individuals. Only a truly unique and unpretentious individual who has recognized her situation and is willing to seek “higher” ground, will even admit to making an error in judgment, because most do not and remain in their spiral, at the hands of those with little regard and respect for the rights and lives of others. The condition of our society with its tone being set by the“Society” is a testament to why most today are not very good parents, the examples are all around us, (see the series of posts on the subject TRYING TO REPLACE A CAGE DOOR AFTER THE BIRD HAS FLOWN - UPDATED).

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