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Thursday, July 5, 2012


This update to the ADDENDUM TO REMAINING NEUTRAL UNTIL ALL THE FACTS (FROM BOTH SIDES) ARE EVALUATED is needed to address the “new truth” versus the “TRUTH” from those incapable of distinguishing facts that older than twenty plus years, as follows for one reason or another. This is a process, which has at its core, covering-up the events in Vermont from 1990 and many have jumped on the bandwagon, to fill-in gaps in their own lives and by so-doing cleverly created a scenario whereby making it easier for the perpetrators of this “new truth” to pull off their hoax, by creating an us against them (outsider) approach to ensure that their hoax will gain acceptance for all (Americans and others) to side with them. The question posed to those who choose to accept the “new truth” for convenience, financial gain or some other reason, what would you do if your identity was rearranged just because you chose to go to a bank seeking to discuss the financing of a project - “The Reopening of The Wildwood Valley Lodge”, which is where you should go to discuss financing and you are treated with disdain by an official (Senior Vice President, Mr. Alan Wing) who ignored you after setting up the appointment and was overheard telling the receptionist that he was awaiting someone to discuss the Reopening of The Wildwood Valley Project”. However, when I stepped forth to introduce myself as the individual he was awaiting, he ignored me and refused to sit down with me or even acknowledge that I should even be there? Those involved have proceeded to create a “new truth” and even try to prove that I never even attended the School, I spent hard-earned funds to attend, but instead, create individuals out of the “blue” to assign my accomplishments to, in order to justify their “new truth”, which is either that I was never in Vermont or if there, should never have been in the Bank because I was not in a position to even be there. Many are gaining from this “new windfall truth”, with their own deficiencies and the need for identities to spend their ill-gotten gains legally, including one who a certain State owes a favor to for carrying out hearing experiments on as an young individual, (can’t really hear and incapable of attending any school but is benefiting from this State’s desire to cover-up what they did to this individual, but are doing so at my expense. This individual who has come to believe that he can get away with anything because he is owed it by this particular State, thinks he can because he knows the underlying reality here is that a “new truth” has been created, which he is benefiting from and he is smiling all the way to financial freedom, in his new found identity and I am suppose to accept him as legitimate). My mother (see A TRIBUTE TO MY MOTHER), did not raise me to be that type of individual regardless of the type of individuals my siblings turned out to be, as we all have to stand individually (see ADDENDUM TO SUMMARY OF HIDDEN DANGERS/UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES AND OTHER ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH HAVING A "VIRTUAL" IDENTITY).
Many have and are benefiting financially from this new status quo and whose self interests “lie” in maintaining the “new truth” and are therefore NOT to be counted on as guarantors of “TRUTH” of any kind, especially the types who oversaw the splitting off of the Citibank old Investments Division (the financial institution of my school Pratt Institute), in the 1990’s, which made their money “the old fashioned way”, from the Banking Division. Once it is realized what their self-interest is, their “word” should not be relied on to validate anything in this matter, because there is no “TRUTH” there! Finally, when the enrollment of my then turning seven-year old, Dejon, has to be denied because of an error (see NON-EXISTENT SOCIAL ETHICS IN A SOCIETY RUN BY “VIRTUALS” UPDATED/REVISED) and a so-called new family branch magically created [(us against them discussed above) - see CORRECT IDENTIFICATION BY CONNECTING THE DOTS,   ANOTHER UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE OF HAVING A “VIRTUAL” IDENTITY,   AN UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE OF HAVING A “VIRTUAL” IDENTITY and THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF HAVING A “VIRTUAL” IDENTITY], due again to a “misprint” on business cards and given “life” here in Iowa, then the "deep-seatedness" of the cover-up will be realized and who benefits from the “new truth” from business to political types can’t be relied on for anything remotely close to the “REAL TRUTH”.

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J_F_Brazant said...

It’s adding insult to injury (metaphorically) when your principled decisions made on matters of importance such as “Citizenship” - see excerpt from THE GATEKEEPERS OF THE “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY below:
Before answering that question, I just want to take the time to mention for those who may have wondered why I never chose to become a naturalize citizen and after the allotted time set out after becoming a permanent resident (circa 1990’s before relocating to Iowa) this process was examined. However, in all fairness after reviewing the criteria, which included renouncing ties to your place of birth, (which I took literally and was unsure how this could be implemented, I decided against going forward and pretending outwardly that all ties to the land of my birth could somehow be severed with the waving of “magic wand”). My choice was not made out of “arrogance” as some have suggested, but out of regard for your process and not wanting to convey that my “roots” could be severed whimsically. This did not prevent me from giving back to society when I was in a position to (see the Description of the The Lighthouse Project Corporation On the Conservery Proprietorship Page) and am still doing it in another manner by this Blog. Having experienced the methods (see ARBITRARY ACTION, OR IS IT?) of “citizens” considered pillars of the society; I am not concerned with being considered an outsider in the land of my chosen residence.

are capitalized on to give this individual the citizenship he could not attain in his “other selected” name and in the “Society” determination, it has “killed two birds with a single stone”. This action, helped this particular State described in the above post cover-up their “Hearing Experimentation”
problem and in the process eliminated Vermont’s then Community National Savings Bank problem (in their estimation), by making me “trapped” with a “target not only my back”, but also on my children as well as those acquaintances who could raise identity fraud alarms. Their crowning achievement is to award such an individual two of New York State’s highest awards, to justify their action (see the post SOCIALLMEDIA ISSUES - a EXAMPLE OF RECONCILLATION - UPDATED - link on COMMENTS Page). This is the reason why New York had such a high hurdle for me to consider and justify considering as relocation destination, because he has NO legitimate connection to this State or even how he entered the Country (otherwise he wouldn’t be hiding in my identity/accomplishments).