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Monday, July 9, 2012


Targeting the cities and/or Town(s) and their most famous citizens, where my older children were born (see photos below) in one manner or another for
Dejon on the Date of his Birth at Yale New Haven, Connecticut Hospital @ 2:07pm on 10/15/1983 Being Held By Me
A Copy of Danielle's Original Birth Certificate
the purpose of achieving phony ancestry records to cover-up the “life”, which was given to a fictitious branch of "family" genealogy (see excerpt from comment from the post CONSERVERY BASIS FOR LOCATION SELECTION/EXCLUSION

EXCERPT from COMMENT # 1 From 7/7/2012
This is not the first occasion on, which a document was submitted via the postal system from Olin and a totally different document reached the intended destination (see photos below of documents submitted to and received from HHS for Social Security Name Forms corrections in 2005). on CONSERVERY BASIS FOR LOCATION SELECTION/EXCLUSION

This Letter was Posted in January of 2005 to HHS
This was the Response Received From the HHS on 2/17/2005

on the COMMENTS Page included below and the “virtual” Social Security records that were created to justify the hoax discussed in UPDATED ADDENDUM TO REMAINING NEUTRAL UNTIL ALL THE FACTS (FROM BOTH SIDES) ARE EVALUATED and included above, is not the path to legitimate connection to the State where my two oldest children were born for the Society’s impostors who are mimicking the accomplishments of my children, Dejon (see the post MISLABELING AND ITS IMPLICATIONS) and Danielle (see the sub topic Guardianship on the SPECIAL PURPOSE Page from 3/24/2012). 


J_F_Brazant said...

Neither of my adult children as indicated in this listing are in anyway associated with my Proprietorship and any decision either one of them makes of a political nature is ENTIRELY their own and should not be interpreted by ANYONE as an indication of association with Conservery (for those generally who are of the opinion that any link is justifiably a path to legitimacy).

J_F_Brazant said...

Neither my son nor I or any of my children are here for the purpose of serving as "Guinea Pigs" for the infirmed, while the "Society's" types assume or identities completely!