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Sunday, July 15, 2012


This is another piece of this puzzle to supplement the previously known tidbits as discussed in HOW VIRTUAL IDENTITIES ARE SUSTAINED, in order that a clearer picture of the methodology of these “Society” types can be obtained. I have now come to realize that the “Society” types “all” need the legitimacy of some central individual to hide behind and no matter what you do, they cannot be jettisoned. For example, if your daughter has an {"untimely”} “accident”, these types find a way to latch themselves unto her billing (see below photo), even on your Drivers
The ndicated phtoo was removed becaue of my committment to refrain from including anything n this Blog's pages that supports others in the mangling of my identity.
BRA DAN 12 64
                                      (OR 3 3 12 64)
Note the carefully selected identification number on the Billing for my daughter at her in-patient facility from, which she was just released and other information, that “virtuals” and their tax dodging supporters rely on for legitimacy (and illegal tax filing purposes).
License, the specially selected number gives legitimacy for two “Society” types, one from Illinois and the other Iowa to hide behind your legitimacy in order to connect themselves to your history from Connecticut, since it is comprised of the specific address from Still Hill Road, Hamden, the birthplace of my older daughter (see photos of Still Hill Road, Hamden, CT, a copy of  Danielle original Birth Certificate and my IA Driver License below -
508 Still Hill Road, Hamden, CT, Danielle's Birthplace


and the posts THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY’S “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY and “VIRTUALS”AND THEIR SELECTION OF LABELS AND NUMBERS). If you obtain vehicle insurance, they find some manner to latch onto it, and when you exercise your right and leave the insurance Provider for another, tired and worn out ways are found to show up like uninvited guests at a wedding “complicating” the guests’ list (with their Supporters making back door deals to ensure they are accommodated). Furthermore, even when you leave the other Provider, they follow you in the form of a refund check with a “complicated” formula for determining it, looking for the mailbox of some “fraud” to “fall” into or better yet, the “fictitious” account of some “Society” type to disappear into (see the post NOTICE OF STOLEN CHECK).

These types cannot be shaken, following you around in the case of an “ex”, “stalking” you emotionally, in a manner of speaking, trying to harass you into taking him (or her) back, so that they can be your “NUMBER 1”, while professing their undying “love” while reminding you of all they have done and everything else in your life regardless, and reminding you that they can’t be shaken. Since when does “love” behave in such a controlling manner? (See the post “WHAT REALLY IS LOVE? ). These are the ways of the “Society” types latching onto their source of legitimacy, for dear life, and even if you are unaware of it, there is some quality you possess from, which their legitimacy is obtained and this is the “real” reason why you cannot get rid of these “Society” types. Their business in leaching onto others and it’s second nature to them, and they have all types of ways to reinvent themselves to find a way to place themselves back into your life, because their legitimacy is based on it.


J_F_Brazant said...

In my opinion, some “Society’s” individual, is desperately awaiting the Progressive Insurance refund, (from here referred to as the Provider), which I have been informed, has curiously worked out to be $55.00 (see below photo - on COMMENTS Page), to be available between 3 to 5 business days from 7/13/2012. In my opinion, the “Society” fraud(s) desperately need(s) that $55.00 to obtain replacement insurance “illegally”. I already purchased replacement insurance, so it is not me. I wonder which Insurance Provider whose fiduciary responsibility ended on 7/12/2012 is providing him with coverage until that check is obtained. To the “Society’s” types, the selection of labels and numbers are very important (see the post THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY’S “VIRTUAL” SOCIETY - link on COMMENTS Page), and whomever is associated with the number “55” is giving this “Society’s”, person hiding in his(or her) false identity, cover to hide at my expense, and are both (along with others) all hiding behind Danielle for tax purposes for dear “life”. Time will tell how the Provider deals with this situation, there are a number of possibilities, as follows: 1) issue a single check, which is made available to me and when its cashed the fraud would do their normal practice and have it deposited in his “fictitious” checking account, the only problem is that I may take too long to cash it, 2) issue duplicate numbered checks one to me and the other to the “Society’s” fraud and once my check is cash quietly removed it from the system (consistently with 21st Century Banking practices - see the posts A LESSON IN 21ST CENTURY BANKING - HOW TO BOUNCE OFF AN INDIVIDUAL FOR LEGITIMACY AND INPRISON FINANCIALLY SIMULTANEOUSLY and NOTICE OF STOLEN CHECK - link on COMMENTS Page) and it would be as if I never received any because the fictitious checking account of the “fraud’ would be evidence of having received the reimbursement and 3) issue a single check and give it to the “Society’s” fraud and pretend that it was never my insurance coverage in the first place and the Provider would always be ready to inform me that they mailed it out to the address and I should receive it and the matter is out of their hands. However, this would be a clear indication of the Provider’s involvement in identity fraud because of the “hollow” name placed on my Declarations (clearly not looking out for my interest and inventing rules to give cover to “virtual” frauds), definitely not their better performance.

J_F_Brazant said...
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J_F_Brazant said...

When you have to resort to the practices described in the posts “HOW DOES STATE SPONSORED ID THEFT WORK?” and “MERE OBJECTS FOR THE LEGITIMACY OF OTHERS” (links on COMMENTS Page) to instill what appears to be “fear” in a formerly naïve “family” member; because if she resorted to including questionable identity-related information about herself on an online application completed on 9/19/2012 at her former place of employment following the pattern established since her most recent hospitalization, then the only conclusion that can be drawn is that she is acting out of “instilled fear” and shows how complicated and problematic identity switching is and why it will always require constant and ongoing massaging to maintain the “Society’s” version of the “new truth”, that is why “creative imprisonment” of others is essential.