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Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is a follow-up to the earlier post, THE SIGNIFICANCE OF LABELS AND NUMBERS IN TODAY’S “VIRTUAL”SOCIETY, to provide some background to the selection process used to the best of what I have been able to gather. Since impostors hide behind the legitimacy of others (see A LESSON IN 21ST CENTURY BANKING - AND HOW TO BOUNCE OFF AN INDIVIDUAL FOR LEGITIMACY AND INPRISON FINANCIALLY, SIMULTANEOUSLY), and are in reality “After-the-Fact, Carpet Bagging, Cherry-Pickers”, they can select whatever; labels and/or numbers provide them the best cover for their pseudo identities, which have been chosen to provide legitimate cover for in some cases foreign transplants.

To digress, when we resided in Connecticut (around circa 1986/1987) we were acquainted with a female athlete, who trained as a back-up sprinter for the U.S Olympic team, She was not a household name athlete but “skilled” enough to be selected for and training with the best in her field. Her name was Michelle Cuke (married title). A New Yorker by birth, whose husband was a Pastor (originally from Barbados or one of the other islands) and she struggled with whether or not her chosen field, sprinting would be compatible with her being the wife of a pastor, before their marriage. We never found out how it all worked out because after relocating from Connecticut we lost track of the young couple. (I wonder what became of her.) 

Back to the main point in this post, for example if a map of my current residence is examined, (shown below) it can be seen that 140th Avenue crosses Hwy 64, (which for example leads directly into
Map of 140th Avenue, Olin, IA Between Hwy 64 and 80th Street
Illinois) to the north and crosses 80th Street to the south. Assuming that there was a “skill-less virtual” desperate to connect for legitimate cover, this individual would select some number such as 1980 as their birth-year since it provides "pseudo" connection to my residence and at the same time allows this individual to obtain the cover being sought. In reality, the true ages of these “virtuals” are never really known, since everything about them has been VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, CUKEFULLY, CUKEFULLY, CUKEFULLY, CUKEFULLY selected. In this manner, those who benefit financially from maintaining this “virtual” world of puppets provide them maximum cover (see  A LESSON IN 21ST CENTURY BANKING - AND HOW TO BOUNCE OFF AN INDIVIDUAL FOR LEGITIMACY AND INPRISON FINANCIALLY, SIMULTANEOUSLY), after all as it has been pointed out, very few things are in actuality “true” coincidences, as other events are capitalized on by “virtuals” and their supporters to implement their objectives (see COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS).

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J_F_Brazant said...

It is my hope that the carefully selected details associated with this Dividend Check (whether exposed or internal - see below photos - on COMMENTS Page) were not intended for any hidden message of any type, because for “Society’s” types with their “networking” capabilities can influence all types of transactions to either provide “legitimacy” (to those “two-faced” types associated with the nos.), and/or convey a message of some type from those associated with specific nos. Those exposed numbers (as shown below) include the following: (25), (7)/(37) and (10)/(22) (the delivery date). The internal numbers included (as shown in the below photo) are as follows: (3)/(24), (10)/(16), (24)/(35), (49)/(58) and (59)/(50). Once the “secrets” of the nos. (for ex, which schools are associated with specific dates, and/or events/groups/individual(s) associated with various numbers, etc.), are determined; the “intended” message (if any) can be understood. A search of this Blog’s Pages may also help connecting the numbers to the appropriate events, individuals, etc. if not readily apparent and with these clues some answers may be revealed, hopefully! Bear in mind that some creativity may be required [such a combination of postings to obtain the correct message, such as to tie the numbers used to a specific individual(s)].