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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


They are those who are of the opinion that frequenting establishments, which were previously utilized for services at one point gives them a “Mark of Legitimacy” in their “virtual” identities, with the support of those entities who gain financially from propping up such practices. These enterprises (large and small), in turn allow these “virtuals” to use their assumed identities at various locations and then rely on continuous advertising to “buy” them credibility for their unethical practices. This on-going identity padding, roller-coaster operation; whether it’s a vehicle servicing operating (as shown below) or a car washing business, etc., that is intended to validate illegal purchases carried

Former Service Establishment - Not Typically Used Currently
out by impostors in their pseudo identities, (see CONNECTING THE DOTS FROM 1994 THROUGH 2005 - ARBITRARILY) is not a demonstration of authenticity. However, just as accidents are an unreliable avenue for obtaining legitimacy, (see ACCIDENTS AND LEGITIMACY), relying on the former establishments used by legitimate individuals and (“interrupting” insurance claims processes regardless of the method used) also cannot provide legitimacy for impostors.

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