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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The post is a follow-up to A TRIBUTE TO MOTHERHOOD, ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE and WHY DO “VIRTUAL”SOCIETY TYPES RELY ON SOFT TOUCH ADVERTISING, to provide a more complete picture as to why the circumstances depicted in all the above posts are so pervasive; namely, lies in the fact that it is unknown how many “virtual” impostors exists in our society today with pseudo qualifications belonging either to individuals from whom they have been stolen and/or the deceased as a result of the confusion resulting from “coincidental” mass tragedies, (such as the Oklahoma disaster where over 100 died, the World Trade Center disaster where approximately 3000 died, the Virginia Tech mass shooting where approximately 33 died, the University of Iowa mass shooting circa 1991 where approximately 10 died & 1 paralyzed survivor resulted, etc.), without real skills, but a willingness to implement whatever sordid task is expected of them out of loyalty from being placed in whatever situation “gatekeepers” so desire in order that maximum “return” on their investment can be realized and further “virtuals” can be produced, no matter how brutal as long as it expands the financial “empires” of these “gatekeepers. In order for such scenarios to be successful, most impostors know to turn their heads and lead by depicting “an ideal picture” of fake outpouring of sympathy. That is why total sympathy can be expressed in one instant and then subtle grinning the next (see RIGHTS GONE WRONG - UPDATED). Since so many unknown male impostors exist, matching females have been typically been needed to be the other half of these “virtuals”. In some instances, however, these “black widow” so called “professional” females, are themselves, even more sinister than their male counterparts, and who have trails of victims in their wake, and are willing to perpetrate anything rather than face exposure for their total dearth of meaningful skills (see WHO BENEFITS FROM DANIELLE'S CONDITION - UPDATED). Normally, these females are in turn expected to condone whatever scenario is taking place, therefore making it impossible for the pivotal example of motherhood to be set, though (SOMETIMES A LONE UNPRETENTIOUS STAR SHINES); but in most instances, carbon copies are paired, therefore, our society continues with further generations of “virtuals” being prepared for a society ruled by impostors. However, there is always hope for CHANGE.   

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