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Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have discovered from my experiences that when I have made a decision that is less than exemplary, I am brought back to a place where I am confronted with my earlier choice (for a fork-in-the-road moment), where I am forced to recognize my mistake and make a different choice or decision. These life’s lessons can be quite costly and sometimes take even up to several decades to come full circle. What is your fork-in-the-road scenario that you have been “banking-your-head-against-the-wall” with to pursue your own path without realizing over the years that a different choice should be charted instead of a specific longing for what is considered an absolute must from a personal desire? Quite often we do not realize that when we are repeatedly brought back to a certain point in our lives, why we are constantly thrust in such a situation and we keep trying to remove the obstacles before us, until we are allowed to have our most treasured option/objective/direction and we are forced to live with our disastrous choices. The only things left at this point are to “what-if” ourselves into turmoil to “fix” our bad decisions and we are forced to either live with or somehow deal with (or manipulate) the consequences of our bad decision-making, until we eventually learn from life’s teachable lessons or become hardened and unteachable, (where most individuals end up). What fork-in-the-road situation are you facing today? Does it relate to the choice of a life’s partner/companion or a specific direction considered essential, or a career path? ONLY YOU ARE CERTAIN OF THESE MOMENTS, BECAUSE AFTER ALL NOT ALL INTERESTS AND DESIRES ARE OR SHOULD BE MADE KNOWN PUBLICLY BECAUSE THE MANNER IN, WHICH DEVELOPMENTS OCCUR WILL ENABLE THE DISTINCTION TO BE MADE BETWEEN BEING MANIPULATED OR PURSUING/REJECTING A GENUINE OR SUGAR-COATED PATH MADE TO LOOK GENUINE, AS APPROPRIATE.

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