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Friday, May 11, 2012


First start with a previously traded in Ford vehicle (1991 F150 Pickup – see below Secure Power of Attorney, Control No D398811), which was traded in for a GMC 1995 SIERRA Pickup purchased at the
Iowa Secure Attorney for 1991 For Pickup
then Allen Motor Company (see below Purchase Agreement No. 15064 7/8/97 – Note however, that this Dealership became Lithia

Purchase Agreement for 1995 GMC Sierra Pickup of 7/8/97
Motors and now McGrath), next, ensure that the Odometer reading was questionable as I pointed out to the Dealer that it was unreliable, since I noticed unusual fluctuations in it and on the Secure Power form Control No 04870 at the time it was traded in along with the trailer for the RV (see IDENTITY SWITCHING OVER THE YEARS COMPACTED FOR THE RECORD) that was all prepared ahead of time. Nevertheless, number (1) of Part A was checked and my name had transformed from James F. Brazant to simply Jim Brazant, (see below photo insert, which at the time I did not really pay a great of

Secure Power of Attorney for 1995 GMC Sierra Pickup from 10/28/97
attention to as I had not requested it, (because my Credit was checked at the time of this purchase, and Jim was nowhere to be found on it, but it was added afterwards to implement identity switching because of this purchase). Now at the Davenport office of the RV Dealer even with VOID pre-stamped over the Form in triplicate), I did not imagine in the least that fraud was taking place. This is why today, there is little that remains of the Allen Motor Company, because at Allen the purchase was correctly carried out in my name but the multiple changes that occurred in its Ownership, (i.e. being taken over by Lithia Motors and moved from Cedar Rapids to Hiawatha, which has now become McGrath), this sequence now makes it harder to trace, which is the path to proceed when identity fraud and successive cover-up has been implemented and is being maintained by any whatever methods needed, and this is the way it is done using IOWA SECURE POWER OF ATTORNEY.

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