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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This is a follow-up to the post, THE UNDERLYING REASON WHY BETTER EXAMPLES ARE SO DIFFICULT TO BE REALIZED. In our society today individuals fall in one of two categories, the respectful or disrespectful categories, unfortunately most individuals fall into the latter category. We tend to have very little “respect” for the rights of individuals as long we make sure that our personal self interests are addressed. For example, whether its relationship-related, business-related or a combination of both it is all too clear to, see how “thuggish” practices, whether its accident staging, etc, or stealing identities/accomplishments, vandalism, intimidation, harassment etc. to prove infallibility in the cause of supporting “virtual” impostors, etc. or forcing unwanted affections/attention on another in the case of a “selfish ex lover” or spouse, etc. it's all too common to conclude, as long as it serves the end result (the personal self interests of the disrespectful at the expense of the wishes/rights of others), its okay regardless as long as it can be pulled off without observation and then be covered-up; whether it's in the business or public sector it doesn’t matter who is physically or emotionally affected along the way. More often than not, the disrespectful are those who are rewarded most in today’s society, therefore, when those on the sidelines observe that such practices are the path to the “top” (corner or executive office), so to speak, these methods are adopted, and covered up by establishments as long as it achieves the end result, profit or immediate objective. In this manner, these practices are reinforced by example, intentionally; this is why the disrespectful group is so very large. Where will it lead and when will it end, because such practices are unsustainable over the long run? OH FOR A BETTER EXAMPLE!

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