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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


One of the most significant predetermined roles that exist is that of being a mother since all females typically are born with the potential to become mothers. It is a very awe-inspiring responsibility, which most individuals are not really prepared for, that does not come with prepared instructions. In addition, this role may or may not come with a meaningful role model and set against this backdrop most women are trust into the demanding situation, which leaves zero room for failure. After all, if you contemplate that you are being entrusted with giving birth to and then rearing the next generation, how challenging your conditions must be, with no guidelines. Unfortunately, very few success stories exists, the state of the world today is a testament to this. When you have individuals willing to carry out the following activities either to directly or indirectly cover-up and/or alter historical events that occurred in Vermont in the late 1990’s (see below photo and NON-EXISTENT SOCIAL ETHICS IN A SOCIETY RUN BY “VIRTUALS”– UPDATED/REVISED/WITH INSERTS)

Letter of 12/20/1990 Summarizing the Closing of A Chapter in Vermont

and be comfortable in doing so as long as they purchase advertisements to obtain credibility, including but not limited to:
  • stealing identities
  • stealing accomplishments (see below)
Patent Award for Oil/Fuel Contamintion Monitoring System

  • stealing your family histories and mangling them to produce their desired outcome
  • stealing your “life” and then subtly bringing about “imprisonment” financially
  • sealing the air out of your vehicle’s tires on the eve of bad weather to make the “Montero” more susceptible to being uncontrollable to the unsuspecting Owner
  • stealing your business ideas and then claiming that they are originals
  • stealing your permanent resident records obtained on May 29, 1982 in Hartford, Connecticut and manipulating them to attempt to “fit” not just one (1) but two (2) “square tall stowaways” into an aperture intended for one (1) smaller individual
  • stealing the very serious responsibilities entrusted them by unsuspecting voters in exchange for “graft” and
  • stealing the very affections of an individual and then “imprisoning” the person emotionally, psychologically and verbally by simultaneously degrading and then professing “love”, to mention a few.
When such developments occur, then it is clear that most attempts at motherhood have ended in failure. This description is not an attempt to place the entire responsibility of raising children on mothers alone, but just to point out how pivotal their role is and most don’t think of it these terms. However, it simply takes one person to make a difference. ARE YOU WILLING TO BE THAT ONE?  

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J_F_Brazant said...

The problem that exists relates to the fact that altogether too many individuals have questionable examples today, when even mothers are unavailable to stand out and be the defining example for their offspring, and when activities such as depicted here, up to and including "SETTING UP OTHER INDIVIDUALS" are routinely carried out without thinking, but just following the crowd and be willingly to do just about any and everything to live at the expense of others just to survive; that is why few if any are willing to be the one to stand out.