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Thursday, May 24, 2012


This is a follow-up to the post NOTICE OF STOLEN CHECK, since it was inattention to the details of the previous check cashing, which led to the ensuing events, my steps were retraced to eliminate the potential for “virtual” imposter ID fraud over my State Refund Check, “coveted” by the “impostors” for legitimacy and by those who benefit from such “virtual” fraud and those “questionable policy-makers” who misuse their Office (see RIGHTS GONE WRONG). As a result, the Cashier's Check with the "coincidental" serial # 0724800152 (shown below) should not end up in the account of any "virtual" (otherwise there is a deninite problem with the 21st
Reconciliation Check # 0724800152 with Endorsement Side and Cashing Receipt
Century Banking). The obtained Check was intentionally cashed as shown by the receipt above. This cashier’s Check should not end up in the fictitious account of any impostor even though the check’s number ended in…152.

Following these events, the billing from Kraus Plumbing and Heating for the plumbing emergency from 5/19/2012 (see Comment #1 from 5/19/2012 on the COMMENTS Page), was obtained and paid as shown below. Dejon certainly does not have to focus on this bill anymore; in any event, THIS MATTER IS CLOSED. 
Billing and Paid Receipt from Kraus Plumbing and Heating

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