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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This Monthly Calendar Theme for June was of such importance that it had to be introduced early for "the interested" to ponder.

There is one quality that all “virtuals” must possess and it’s a bi-product of today’s society, which significant emphasis is placed on. These individuals simply have to be able to “command” respect even if it is not deserved (and in the case of these individuals, they are undeserving of it). Unfortunately our society places so much emphasis on appearance that this system of “virtual” impostors skating by (usually in top positions), is able to go undetected and it is blatantly unfair. These “virtuals” typically use whatever, means is necessary to achieve their end-product (see THE UNDERLYING REASON WHY BETTER EXAMPLES ARE SO DIFFICULT TO BE REALIZED), in the cause of maintaining their “skill-less” society, who mainly succeed by relying on extremely unethical practices, and then use a combination of Soft-Touch Advertising, Charitable Contributions and Product Discounting (none of, which is in reality paid for by these entities, because in reality the sources of their “real” income are not really known, (see ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE). Their methods are needed to “buy their reputations” when they are on the verge of exposure and reliance on extremely brutal and unethical methods, “away-from-the-public-eye” against their chosen target, is needed in their estimation (to play god in the lives of individuals). Therefore, when such an entity commanded by a system of “virtuals” makes a splashy product discounting scheme in a selected community, they are either covering-up an extremely offensive unethical act or planning such and is “buying the silence” of the community by discounting every light bulb in a neighborhood “Big Box Store”, ensuring that their name is placed everywhere in this cause.
In summary, what has been revealed is as follows: 1) “virtuals” have to be able to “command” respect when none is deserved, 2) “virtuals” and their Supporters rely on our society’s preoccupation with “virtual” impressiveness, even though nothing exists beneath the surface, 3) “virtuals” need much support to “pull-off” their impersonation (such as heavy reliance on the use of teleprompters and similar aids, without, which they would fall flat), and 4) that is why “virtuals” are mainly tall/taller individuals, except for the occasional window-dressing person, who is in reality a type of aid for impostors (see EXPLANATION OF A DISASTER-PRONE WINDOW DRESSING PERSON). Is this system fair to the scores of victims, who meet with terrifying fates in some instances as discussed in THE UNDERLYING REASON WHY BETTER EXAMPLES ARE SO DIFFICULT TO BE REALIZED, whose circumstances are exploited in order to maintain their system of “virtuals” in need of legitimate identities of achievers typically the not so impressive looking or those with unpretentious personalities who are “pushed over a plank” in exchange for “virtuals” with impressive appearances ONLY, needed for covering-up other actions? This is a completely unfair system that is also unsustainable. Please remember, this system is able to be perpetrated because of our society’s infatuation with “model-looking” individuals, who usually turn out to be “virtual” impostors for the most part, in a system of repetitive unfairness favoring those with “model” appearances or characters “on-the-surface” ONLY, but “naked” underneath just as the Emperor was!    

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J_F_Brazant said...

Can it be that there is a connection between the subsidizing of the light bulbs it both Jones and Linn County and all the mysterious equipment failures that have been taking place here over the summer (DUE TO REMOTE ACTION – see the comment on CONSERVERY INDEPENDENT POLITICAL SERVICES FRAMEWORK/GUARANTEE POLICY SUMMARIZED AND OTHER CONSIDERATIONS – link included on the COMMENTS Page), by my former Employer/Part Owners in the DAEC and their “Society” with the means to use all types of unethical practices to carry out their objectives here and placate the community in the process, because my children and I are supposed to be expendable guinea pigs.