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Sunday, June 3, 2012


The connection described in the subject between ACCIDENTS AND LEGITIMACY and COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS, is brought about with the aid of LABELS NUMBERS AND ACCIDENTS, CRISES INDUCED IDENTITY TRANSFER as well as newsletter mailings received in 2004 from an Institution with, which my daughter and by default, myself had recent history (see photos included below. In my opinion, such a turn of events (see

U of I Newsletters Received in Name of a fictional ID - 2004, Contact was made with the Institution at that time to Stop the Mailings
CORRECT IDENTIFICATION BY CONNECTING THE DOTS and HOW TO UTILIZE SECURE POWER OF ATTORNEY AND CARRY OUT ID FRAUD –UPDATED? are orchestrated events, especially since I had ZERO contact with this Institution (that has seen its share of tragedy, see - THE UNDERLYING REASON WHY BETTER EXAMPLES ARE SO DIFFICULT TO BE REALIZED) prior to these mailings.

As a result, it can be concluded that the fact that my daughter, Danielle
“coincidentally” ending up in this same institution eight (8) years after these mailings were received, via a very unusual  “accident” is in reality no “coincidence” after all.

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J_F_Brazant said...

As stated in the post "ITS TIME TO MOVE ON" (link on COMMENTS page), my children and I are not "GUINEA PIGS" for those with various infirmaties, and identity woes. Last year my youngest daughter was forced into your medical system based on a CANCER-RELATED LIE, this year my oldest daughter was placed in your medical system on a "LYING ACCIDENT" for, which a completed official report is hard to come by, who will it be next?