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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Since certain entities are in habit of altering historical records, this update to the previous post THE COVER-UP IS MORE COSTLY THAN THE ORIGINAL ACTION is being carried out to include examples of my long-standing practice of opting out of health/related benefits here in Iowa, by choice as documend in that post!!! See below photos.

Examples of Opting out of Health/Similar Benefits

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J_F_Brazant said...

Knowing what I now know about the significance of NAMEFORMS, why am I not surprised that a pair of “some ones” (who could also be termed "identity vultures" - see below photo - on COMMENTS Page), and their “Society” went to great lengths to attach my now ex spouse (in a name without substance to me) in order that frauds can slide their way onto my vehicle insurance as they usually do wherever path I travel with the aid of Providers using SLIDE OF HAND TACTICS; (since I DID NOT PROVIDE THE CARRIER WITH ANY SUCH INFORMATION ABOUT HER THEN OR ANY FAXED INFORMATION NOW - the only information provided is via email) for legitimacy, especially when a “hollow’ name is attached to me. Only those who have identity problems and have made it a practice of Hiding Behind Others [see post on ADDENDUM TO REMAINING NEUTRAL UNTIL ALL THE FACTS (FROM BOTH SIDES) ARE EVALUATED - link on COMMENTS Page], need such linkages for the fictitious American citizenships they are in possession of, based on the qualifications, identities, heritages etc. of others mangled using all forms of LABELS AND NUMBERS (link on COMMENTS Page) with valid and invalid records based off those whom they are defrauding and those willing; to produce the desired outcome, along with “those hollow name types, their relatives and siblings on all sides” who have chosen to be complicit is such schemes for gain; especially with the 4th of July fast approaching, and desperate to prove their “Americanism” by any means possible.