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Sunday, June 17, 2012


When are you going to refrain from attempting to seriously mangle and/or manipulate (see TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF REASONS FOR EXCLUDING LOCATION(S) FROM CONSIDERATION, CRISIS INDUCED ID TANSFER and the criteria contained in CONSERVERY PROCESS FOR EVALUATING/SELECTING LOCATIONS), the lives of either myself or my children [using all types of inventions such as “virtual scholarships” (see comment from 6/15/2012 on the SPECIAL PURPOSE Page) to find illusory ways to illegally connect “virtual” impostors to either my children or I for legitimacy] and keep covering up the paths you chose. We are not pawns in your games to be used, as “guinea pigs” for whatever scheme is decided upon next. When you gain a prize by deception the only path out is to come clean (see POLITICAL RECONCILIATION), rather than trying to envision novel ways to mangle the lives of those you have determined to be inconsequential. As one popular song repeats in chorus “Who Died and Made You King of Anything”, Gatekeepers/Supporters? Furthermore, I have never given anyone on earth the indication that they can play such a role in my life, yet you keep on your not-so-merry way because of your networking ability (see WHEN IS TOO MUCH ASSISTANCE NOT THE BEST? ), thinking that you will be able to cover up all the disgraceful bits and pieces of evidence left along your “expressways” and “boulevards” where the “bodies are buried” in the cause of “engineering” profits, the old-fashioned (as in the oldest known profession), way.

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