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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Now the housing arrangement on 8263 140th Ave, Olin, IA is as shown below. There is “real” irony in these “virtual” residences, because in reality, you

don’t know who owns these properties and who names are being used to justify their ownership.  I can show how, 8263 140th Ave was purchased and paid for. Now if the “real” owners could demonstrate legitimately how they purchased these properties, they would not have to steal my tax returns to try to establish legitimacy (see NOTICE OF STOLEN CHECK), with the support of their backers (see IDENTITY FREE-FOR-ALL), who can “splurge” on multi million dollar properties on exclusive Florida’s islands. Such individuals are in reality nothing more than virtual “pimps”, generating income from those without skills but just a willingness to commit any illegal act to generate income for these “gatekeepers” who provide them “legitimate virtual” identity cover with the aid of those who prostitute themselves politically and violate the public trust in the process. Isn’t it “ironic” how these virtual individuals at all levels can afford to dwell in properties with questionably obtained income, while holding the legitimate hostage because of their desire to make easy money, advertise to attempt to provide legitimate cover for their “true” means of generating income (see CAN MY INVESTMENTS STAND UP TO INTENSE SCRUTINY?), and commit all types of crimes in the process as documented in WHERE WILL IT ALL END? There also appears to be a correlation between those use the cover of darkness to “prowl” the road on 8263 140th Ave and the sudden appearance of unexplained damage to personal property here at this residence, (see AN A-TO-Z EXPOSE OF THE VIRTUAL SOCIETY’S METHODOLOGY). 

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