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Monday, June 18, 2012


It has always been my practice to share success with others (carefully selected) who are worthy contributors for such accolades. By contrast there are those who are in the business of re-writing history to give credibility to their “virtual” world of impostor puppets and are of the opinion that they can use misrepresentation as their main “hallmark” because of their size and networking capability (see WHEN IS TOO MUCH ASSISTANCE NOT THE BEST?).

For example, when the functional idea for what would become the Oil/Fuel Contamination Monitoring System first occurred in the 1980s while researching the problem of moisture contamination of the fuel of large diesel systems; it was eventually shared with two other worthy individuals, Favre Eaton, an electrical designer and Larry Thornton, a mechanical designer and together the functional idea that occurred to me was eventually transformed into a working prototype, which eventually led to patent 4,701,713 (see Patent Award and Transmittal Letter photos below), at the then Combustion Engineering of Bloomfield, Connecticut.

Similarly, when the idea for addressing the problem of youth substance abuse in the inner city of New Haven in the 1980s occurred, it was shared with a team of professionals (see below photo), capable of contributing to the process and eventually the not-for-profit venture; The Lighthouse Project


Corporation became a reality to address the issue. Unfortunately I relocated to Vermont, shortly afterwards and did not keep up with its progress, which I had turned over to the professionals in that field.

Furthermore, when the idea for developing the Conservery initial on-line presence was implemented, again proper credit was given to any contribution, such as the photo credit and my son’s design of the Site (see composite of the Site below), which others are now

also attempting to claim as their own by using “ulterior” mechanisms to bring about. Even the suggestion from my ex spouse for the suggestion of a motto was credited to her when the successful Copyright application was applied for and obtained, even though it took various alterations to arrive at the final product (see the below Copyright photo). It must be noted that the motto,

which is mentioned in this Certification is NOT in use today.

Finally, even in two (2) recent Videos (one example shown below) prepared for non-monetary purposes, credit was given to the background music used

                                        Icy Sunrise and the Importance of Content
                                    Note: this video was disabled when it's

                                    applicable YouTube account was closed.

alongside my photos in the videos. There was never any attempt to misrepresent the music and/or to gain financially from the work of others in any way in the process.

Now, I am fully aware that there are those who magnify minute details for their legitimacy (see HOW “VIRTUAL” IDENTITIES ARE SUSTAINED) at the expense of others, because they themselves are benefiting financially in the “virtual” process created by them and their supporters and it is in their interest to maintain their financial income-generating not so “virtual” profits. The credibility and authority to even “speak” on behalf of subjects they are in no position to represent, in any form, shape or fashion should always be questioned. These individuals who are busily rewriting history to suit their agenda, while holding others hostage to their brand of “thugism” (see WHEN WILL IT ALL END? ), in the interest of their own financial “pyramid scheme”, which is how the “virtual” in reality exists, because removing the central lie upon, which all else is based, brings the house of cards toppling. The main reason why these multinational conglomerates are so busy defending their precarious world of unsound finances is due to self-interest, pure and simple. The key is determining the central lie upon, which all else is based; once that (so called $64,000.00) $64.00 question (see VIRTUALS” AND THEIR SELECTION OF LABELS AND NUMBERS) is determined and exposed for what “it” truly is, the house of “virtual” cards will be unsustainable regardless of all their usual methods employed to maintain their illicit status quo.     

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