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Monday, June 25, 2012


Having discovered how “virtuals” go about selecting their “convenient” birth records as documented in the post "VIRTUALS”AND THEIR SELECTION OF LABELS AND NUMBERS and realizing that coincidences are not what they appear to be as documented in the series of posts entitled COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS –UPDATED/REVISED; and determining that the form of address Mrs. James Brazant is an indication of mangling IDs to give a “virtual” avalanches of impostors legitimacy; it is probably no coincidences that a “virtual” has the identical birth year (1933) as the U.S Senator using his office to communicate deceptively as outlined in the below description from the COMMENTS page, which gives him cover to hide in his fraudulent identification.  
This Comment is being updated to include links to a series of supporting posts on this same topic entitled NON EXISTENT SOCIAL ETHICS IN A SOCIETY RUN BY “VIRTUALS” – UPDATED/REVISED as well as to posts about "virtuals" and their tax filng methods and others on the subject matter for emphasis. This subject depicts the lengths the “virtual” society will go to in the name of covering up a simple event in Vermont, carried out BY ONE OF THEIR "VIRTUALS" (see IDENTITY SWITCHING OVER THE YEARS COMPACTED FOR THE RECORD for associated details and an applicable letter in the post A CHAPTER CLOSED ON A RELATIONSHIP OF SORTS), because they cannot take intense scrutiny for fear of exposure). This twenty-two (22) year-long price has been high, especially for the now voiceless along the way, unaware of why they were targeted.The reason why these “virtuals” are so blatant and confident in carrying STATE INCOME CHECK STEALING, as documented in this post as well as the series of posts on the subject RECORDS MANIPULATION TOSUPPORT ID FRAUD - UPDATED/AMENDED, and RIGHTS GONE WRONG - UPDATED is because of the following conditions.
I had always wondered why this form of address (see photo below) was periodically used to address my now

Letter in Response to Earlier Communication To the Office of the IA Us Senator with Intentionally Specific Form of Address Form

“former” spouse since Vermont and the only conclusion that can be drawn is that ID fraud is institutionalized at all levels to support a “virtual” process maintained by those who benefit from it financially. What I have come to realize is that this address implies that some“virtual” impostor is hiding behind my name (A NON US CITIZEN) mangled with my ex spouse’s records (A US CITIZEN) for legitimacy. It would not surprise me if this impostor weren’t using her social security no (10X-4X-209X) since she has not been in the workforce, since teaching in New Haven, in 1988. Only those with significant Networking capability can get away with fraud of this magnitude and continually thwart the system to maintain the system of kickbacks from these impostors indebted and loyal beyond “bounds” for their new found “identities” (see the link - CAN MY INVESTMENTS REALLY STAND UP TO INTENSE SCRUTINY?).
This begs the question how can this be in this day of constant media attention, etc.?
Well when certain entities, individuals are benefiting significantly, financially from this system of kickbacks (see CAN MY INVESTMENTS STAND UP TO INTENSE SCRUTINY? and WHERE WILL IT ALL END?) from those grateful for their new found identities, this is one of THE UNDERLYING REASONS WHY BETTER EXAMPLES ARE SO DIFFICULT TO BE REALIZED - UPDATED); no wonder those who gain are then in turn able to manipulate the tax code to enable “virtuals" to file taxes “legally” at the expense of those from whom they are “imprisoning financially” (see the post ADDENDUM TO COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS where there are a  total of 233 occurrences of the no. 37 included in the 2011 IRS Instructions for filing 1040 Long Forms, to enable a certain “virtual” the knowledge of knowing that he will be able to file taxes legally (this is no coincidence), no wonder my State of Iowa Income Tax Refund Check was stolen (see the post NOTICE OF STOLEN CHECK  and WHO IS(ARE) THE REAL OWNERS OF THE NO. 37 "VIRTUAL" PLAYBOOK? – it is my hope that he is not adding Danielle to his fraudulent tax filings for legitimacy, since those under 26 can be allowed to remain in their parents health insurance and I have always carried none by choice). This is “real” protection of an individual with no “real” skills. Who would go to such lengths to protect such an individual, unless they are benefiting financially? The implication is that members of both sides of the Aisle (ex. those Office Holders who sell out the public trust) are complicit in this masquerade of the tax code (see RIGHTS GONE WRONG and RIGHTS GONE WRONG – UPDATED). This is the only conclusion that can be drawn as described in the outline from the COMMENTS Page, and that many are involved in maintaining its structure to cover up the events the occurred in Vermont approximately 22 years ago, especially since they go to great lengths to ensure that I do not carry out any legitimate activity related to finances as: making up reasons to prevent me from reopening a simple checking account, but allowing others (who have access to questionably obtained finances but no legitimate history to justify their finances) to use my ACCOUNT PROFILES for legitimacy – that started at the former United Security Savings Bank now Ohnward Bank (see the posts ARBITRARY ACTION OR IS IT? and CONNECTING THE DOTS FROM 1994 THROUGH 2005 ARBITRARILY. This cover-up has been implemented so successfully that these “virtuals” at all levels are now using my history as if their own with the aid of the businesses to whom they network to keep this “pyramid” scheme alive (see the post GIVING PROPER CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE). This would imply that all my accomplishments have been given to others and my history is non existent, especially when my brother and sister have altered their birth records in addition to cover up events associated with my brother’s original spouse, Edith and its connection to the politics in this country (see the post SUMMARY OF HIDDEN DANGERS/UNINTENDED CONSEUENCES AND OTHER ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH HAVING “VIRTUAL" IDENTITIES). Since my daughter’s history has now been altered by a convenient “accident” (and her accomplishments can be assigned to others – I wonder who). In this same fashion, I wonder who is being given credit for my son Dejon’s accomplishments & how will he be dealt with, since this appears to be the trend of those who are keeping this cover-up from Vermont alive, after all these years? 

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