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Monday, May 14, 2012


The post, RECORDS MANIPULATION TO SUPPORT ID FRAUD –UPDATED is being amended with this photo below to demonstrate that obtaining a check by unethical means and then depositing it in a fictitious bank account is by itself, not a measure of legitimacy. Those who have been taught to survive by and are supported in their use of such unethical practices by those who gain financially; should remember that BRANDISHING AN UNETHICALLY OBTAINED CHECK WITHOUT THE ACCOMPANYING AVENUE VIA, WHICH THAT CHECK WAS DELIVERED VIA U.S. POSTAL MAIL SERVICE (SHOWN BELOW), CONSTITUTES THEFT.
s of
The Entire Contents Via, Which My Income Tax Refund Check Was Deliverered to 8263 140th Ave Olin, IA 52320 - If These "Virtual" Impostors are Legitimate as Claimed, WHY DO THEY HAVE TO RESORT TO THEIR USUAL ILLEGAL METHODS TO CAIM MY INCOME TAX REFUND CHECK, AFTER IT WAS CASHED? 

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