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Monday, May 21, 2012


They are those who see every event, large and small as just another stunt,
To further their objectives like a well-timed punt,
As long as it furthers their cause, namely stealing to prop up every “virtual” grunt.
However, your “well-timed” choreographed societal comm-union,
Will not become an excuse to abscond with resources for “virtual” collusion,
That will in turn permit hiding in costal communities for social networking confusion,
Previously, repeatedly rejected but needed by impostors who survive by bringing about mass/accidental CONFUSION,
After hijacking the accomplishments of unsuspecting credit-holders,
Who paid their dues to achieve with actual dollars,
Only to have them stolen by “virtual” impostors,
And sugarcoating it using golden-tongued “supplementers”,
Who define success by stealing, intimidation, blackmail, violence and victimizing.
For such the Proprietorship will never be used as a covering.
CHANGE is the only path forward, not more of the same,
And hiding behind worn-out platitudes and finding others to blame,
In, which non-participants are sacrificed as if in a medical game.
Such practices have been found to be banal and inept,
Just as your electronic pilfering carried out as the owners slept.
The time has come for some “actual” promises to be kept,
Instead of simply making superficial sound-bites with no depth,
And relying on smoke-and-mirrors to trick the faithful, who leapt,
Or using illusions to manipulate those who have really wept.

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