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Monday, May 14, 2012


This Post RECORDS MANIPULATION TO SUPPORT ID FRAUD  is being updated to include a copy of the referenced check (see below) that was transformed into an all cash transaction, to ensure that
Copy of State Income Tax Refund Check that was Cashed on 5/12/2012 By a Worker Who (For Some Unknown Reason)Thinks That State of Iowa Tax Refund Checks are the Equivalent of Cash and Set About to Attempt To Prove It Using Records Manipulation.
those who rely manipulating financial and other records cannot misuse the 21st Century Banking system and hide behind out of date political mechanisms for cover, in their desperation to place this cashed check in their fictitious accounts to achieve non-existent legitimacy. 

Even though two  (2) transactions were carried out on 5/12/2012, check cashing and the addition of a partial amount from my State Income Tax refund check # 20312563 that as received on 5/11/2012, to my debit card at this worker’s insistence because all could not be added (only “coincidentally” $1100.00) and though the worker involved apparently either had a “bad” day or was a planted individual, as in addition to dictating what I could add (though in a pleasant manner), she could not get the transaction recorded match what actually took place; as a result, the facts are being presented here for the record. First of all, as shown in the photo below right,
The two Transactions Via Which My Two Income Tax Refund Checks, Federal and State Were Cashed  
she did not even record that a check was given to her as she documented an all cash transaction in the amount of $1226.00. Furthermore, even though she charged me the $6.00 for the check cashing, it was not shown on the receipt below, for adding the $6.00 to the $1226.00 results in $1232.00 the amount of my State Income Tax refund. (This lady who appeared “out of the blue” to wait on me was well rehearsed, because there is no way an individual in such a short period of time could have “dreamed” up such a fairy tale unless she was a Hollywood or political scriptwriter). There are some who “plant” such individuals to hold unwitting businesses “hostage” and then blackmail them to support their fraudulent activities. Please note that I will not be a party such actions. The legitimacy of your “virtual” “bi professional-black widow and other” impostors will have to be demonstrated by other means. THIS STATE INCOME TAX REFUND CHECK SHOULD NOT MYSTERIOUSLY APPEAR IN SOME IMPOSTOR’S FICTITIOUS BANK ACCOUNT AS A MEANS OF LEGITIMACY. The transaction for my Federal Income Tax refund check cashed shown left is very clearly depicted without incident.

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