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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It is a sad commentary on any society when the lives of a father and his three (3) children (see the post GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY) lives are turned up sided down and into objects of legitimacy for a multitude of impostors and other “society’s” types, all for the cause of covering up the implications of the actions of a “dimwit” [Mr. Alan Wing - see the post UPDATED ADDENDUM TO REMAINING NEUTRAL UNTIL ALL THE FACTS (FROM BOTH SIDES) ARE EVALUATED]. A twenty-two (22) year-long waste of resources (ill-gotten and otherwise), have been employed in:
1) Re-creating a fictional “family branch” and giving it “life”  (see the post GIVING LIFE THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY - UPDATED TO INCLUDE AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY), by a then medium-sized investment type with visions of grandeur and himself becoming the $$$$$$$$$$$ investment “mogul” of all time, responsible for “splitting off” this “new truth, in creating not sustainable energy, but a continuous wealth-producing “Society”, which would always be indebted and loyal to him, (see the  above UPDATED ADDENDUM REFERENCED post).
2) Ably assisted by three (3) cent politicians (typically con-artists types), who sell out the public trust and speak “with forked tongue” (or from both sides of their mouths) in return for graft, credentials, etc. see the post REMAINING NEUTRAL UNTIL ALL THE FACTS (FROM BOTH SIDES) ARE EVALUATED.
3) Who collectively view those whose lives have been up-ended as “objects for their manipulation”, when even the resources designed to protect the rights of individuals are corrupted for the purpose of giving cover to identity switching and other unethical practices in the support of such activities (see the above GIVING “LIFE” UPDATED post and the included photo below from the post CORRECT IDENTIFICATION BY CONNECTING THE DOTS - UPDATED W/INSERTS), to give the

appearance publicly that a then much younger approximately (4) year-old Danielle was connected to a James Brazant (from Iowa), approximately eight (8) months after relocating here, and
4) Continually viewed as pawns and objects who deserve nothing better than to be subjected to staged accidents [see the post TYPICAL EXAMPLE OF REASONS FOR EXCLUDING LOCATION(S) FROM CONSIDERATION], until the perfect type of scenario in created to completely alter an individual's identity (see the post CRISES “INDUCED” IDENTITY TRANSFER), as planned.

In conclusion, what more can be said about the callousness of such a society, not much, except to state that it is because I had examples, in my life whom I CHOSE to use as an example, is why I have not patterned my life’s example after the “Society’s” types for an easy life, while giving up: my identity, principles, objectives, achievements and all that I hold dear, regardless of what inducements are placed before me; THAT IS TOO HIGH A PRICE. 


J_F_Brazant said...

My daughter’s previous biggest character flaw,
Was thinking that all who smiled with her were drinking from the same straw.
She, with her previous quick thinking personality,
Who did not allow herself to lose any competition with rationality,
Does not deserve to be in a state of indecision,
In the cause of an identity-seeking Bi-Profession,
With a trail in her wake,
Like the black widow she can fake.
Now “investors” are rushing to label “Danieller”,
To cover-up the trail of this “brain altering” “accidenter”.
In order that those with missing family credentials, which went “unnoticer,”
All with the assistance of a politico, using the cover of an "wommanizer".

It is my hope that whomever is responsible for the manipulation of the events in the life of a nicely recovering brain traumatized young lady’s life, with whatever “concoction” was used to bring about “totally uncharacteristic” behavior is proud of their work. How did I know that this would eventually come down to labeling (as documented in the above Poem from the early days of her accident), in an “out-of-the-way” Town, (which is the home base of one in the parties in the three-way merger that resulted in Alliant Energy in 1995)? Once labeled, her accomplishments (at a critical time when she was almost ready to complete them) can be redistributed to those without. When her belongings are finally obtained from her apartment, (which some are hoping to have all thrown out to cover up the fact that this is all about identity theft, because I am fully aware where her identification documents should be in her apartment) and if not the exact location where they were placed in my presence, the “real” purpose of this sordid mess will be revealed _ see the Subtopics Guardianship and Who Benefits From Danielle's Condition? on the SPECIAL PROJECTS Page - link on COMMENTS Page).

J_F_Brazant said...

My daughter Danielle has now moved completely out of her former Miller Ave, shared apartment as of 7/30/2012 (AND WILL NEVER RETURN -FOR THE RECORD and those whose identities are based on FREQUENTING PAST ESTABLISHMENTS AS A "MARK" OF LEGITIMACY - UPDATED - see link on COMMENTS Page) and as a result, there is NO connection between that residence and my daughter as she is back at the family residence at Olin, IA. Dejon and I packed her belongings, placed them in storage in the late afternoon of 7/30/2012 at the self-storage units on 16th Avenue SW, (not far from her previous apartment residence) and I dropped off her keys in the drop box at the Apartment complex. She will pick up her only remaining school requirement (Microbes and Society BIO-189 ATW51), needed for graduation at a time to be documented, for the record, later.

J_F_Brazant said...

There are those whose “legitimacy” is based the legitimate individuals being continuously manipulated to be in situations that allow such “Society’s” types to give the appearance of legitimacy; for example the filing of phony tax returns based on individual being a “continuous” student (who conveniently and “coincidentally”) just so happen to be the recipient of a Scholarship from an Entity associated with certain “Society’s” types. This scenario was created by the “tax loophole”, which allowed adult children under the age of 26 to be on the medical insurance of a parent as long as the individual remain a student. These types who are hiding behind my daughter Danielle being a student needing medical insurance, (which her timely “accident” ensured would be the case for the foreseeable future), AND WOULD DO ANYTHING TO KEEP HER A CONTINUOUS STUDENT NEEDING MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE IN ORDER TO KEEP FILING PHONY TAX RETURNS. I have not filed tax returns with Danielle as a dependent after she turned 18 and the medical insurance tax “loophole” would not have been something that would interest me anyway as I have always opted out of such coverage. No individual(s) should be using my daughter for their phony tax filing identity schemes, while keeping me “imprisoned financially” to a specific location and concluding that such figments of “little” imagination are reality. In these days of “reality” TV made to look “realistic”, no wonder such “Society’s” types and supporters are of the opinion that “virtual” identities are realistic and lasting if continuous manipulation of “recent” historical events in the lives of targeted individuals are undertaken (see the post ADDENDUM TO GIVING LIFE THE OLD FASHIONED WAY - UPDATED TO INCLUDE AN EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY - link on ON COMMENTS Page).

J_F_Brazant said...

Just as the “Quoting” of every famous historical wartime participant doesn’t transform anyone (regardless of status) into an overnight decorated veteran; “quoting” famous political figures neither transforms any individual (regardless of status) into the founder/owner of a Proprietorship, he desires (like all his other material conquests he set his sights on), nor the most civic-minded individual, when he has been guilty of selling out his country to the highest bidder for decades, in the only “real” object of his blinding ambition: 1) “wealth at a high price”, 2) by any method, no matter how unethical as he drives them into submission to his cause [as carried out by his loyal and grateful “Society’s” types, whom he transforms into overnight “owners” to assist him in taking over and controlling whatever he chooses], 3) manipulating the systems and centers relied on by the public at large ably assisted by ethically challenged politicos & others to help cover-up the trail and in the end maintain, his biggest mogul ever “marquee” status ($$$$$$$$$$$) by “adoring fans”, and 4) use his “slick talking Mascot” in the end to dance his victory dance in the only game of interest to him, “perpetual” wealth generation.