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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This monthly theme for August is being UPDATED TO ADD APPLICABLE LINKS and introduced early since many things can be imitated, duplicated, "spoofed" or manipulated and a different approach than first envisioned was determined to be required for this subject, which will be approached from the point-of-view of a closer examination of the word QUALIFICATIONS itself, in an attempt to reveal its essential qualities, as follows:
  • (Q)UESTION - all things instead of simply accepting without thoughtful inquiry,

  • (U)NIQUE - possessor of skills where hiding behind others is not practiced,

  • (A)CTION - seeks answers by prodding until satisfaction is obtained,

  • (I)DEAL - will always be the objective, when skills are put into practice,

  • (F)ACTS - will be the objective when faced with any task,

  • (I)LLUMINATION - will be the desired path to fill in the "dark or blank" spaces,

  • (C)ANDIDNESS - will definitely be on display when skills are possessed because the need to take from others to build up what is lacking in such individuals is not the main objective. Those without "real" skills are in complete contrast regarding this main trait,

  • (A)BLE - to achieve and/or find an avenue to excel in spite of obstacles/challenges, which is in contrast to those who are not in possession of the skills claimed by them,

  • (T)ACTFULLNESS - will be a characteristic of the skilled, even though this may be a trait lost in our "self-centered Society", where gain at the expense of others is rewarded, as such types are seen as doing anything to ensure the bottom line. These types of individuals are in turn propped up by their "Society" as they are taught to display disrespect for the RIGHTS (see Comment # 1 From 7/2/2012 on the COMMENTS Page), PROPERTY (see Comment # 3 From 6/28/2012 on the COMMENTS Page) and PERSONAL AFFAIRS of others (see NOTICE OF STOLEN CHECK); while the skilled are forced to "play" sub roles [see ADDENDUM TO REMAINING NEUTRAL UNTIL ALL THE FACTS (FROM BOTH SIDES) ARE EVALUATED,

  • (I)NFORMATION STEWARDSHIP - is a trait possessed by the skilled, this does not include ordering subscriptions and memberships for groups (in fictitious identities) for appearance ONLY purposes and as a "mark" of social status and to justify the illegal finances accumulated that cannot be otherwise justified,

  • (O)BSERVANT- of practices utilized in the field of skill and reflected accordingly,

  • (N)ECESSARY- investigation will be the course followed by the skilled as opposed to the bottom line primary focus of the unskilled. However, the skilled will fine a path to balance these two competing objectives,

  • (S)PECIAL - qualities will always distinguish the skilled because their uniqueness isn't purchased, but rather an inherent characteristic possessed regardless of the circumstances, whether exalted or humble in, which they find themselves. The unskilled cannot exist apart from flashing financial capability as a "mark" of their legitimacy.

This evaluation has shown that qualifications can be compared to a badge carried with "magnificence" such that when faced with various situations, such as where impromptu questions are required, pre-screening does not have to be an absolute must due to lack of skills and/or in the unlikely event that a teleprompter failure occurs, total chaos doesn’t result. On the other hand,“mouthers” aren’t being endorsed because such individuals can talk their way out of any situation without really saying anything. Only when these qualities are perfectly on display regardless of the overriding situation, can the inherent representative skills be said to be an accurate depiction of the skill set being postulated and those to whom the badge belongs will “shine” regardless of the circumstances in, which they find themselves.

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