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Thursday, July 19, 2012


This continuance of the subject GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD FASHIONED WAY - UPDATED TO INCLUDE AND EXAMPLE OF CONSISTENCY is being carried out to describe how “State” sponsored identity theft is enacted as follows: first you need an individual with a hollowname, and my former spouse certainly fits this characterization, (see below communication with my then divorce attorney on this topic, included in my divorce submittal as a Supplement with the "explanation" she uses to justify her different names), next once the target has

Explanation of "Hollow" Name in Supplement From Divorce Hearing of 4/2/2012 
taken up residence in the desired location, saddling the individual with the hollow name is automatically done by carefully selected institutions and others (below see one such that went out of its way to communicate with us a month after arrival in Iowa, at the Cedar Rapids department), where her daughter has now completed her studies, with a “unique "scholarship [from

Correspondence Received From Kirkwood Exactly One Month After Relocating to the Sate of Iowa in 1991 

Principal Financial (- see comment from 6/16/2012 on the SPECIAL PROJECTS Page as a comment) - typically given for those who are the first members of their family to attend College]; where Presidents, Presidential candidates, etc. make their way just because of this “uniqueness”, (even in very recent times), because if this institution is communicating with James Brazant with the “hollow” name affixed to him (with the concurrence in my vindictive ex spouse who doesn't tell the truth about her past with her multiple birth records as documented in comment #1 from 5/29/2015 on the Cosvry Investments COMMENTS 2015 Page), there is no way that the other skilled individual who was hired at IELP for his background and this individual can be the same, because this is not a label that I assign to myself.
I make a habit of using my middle initial since this was my familiar or family name as documented in the Here are the Background Issues section  of the post THE DECISION TO ALTER MY RETURN TO MY TO "HOMELAND" AT THIS TIME - UPDATED AND AMENDED, but this is a pattern started by some with questionable intentions with long-range planning capabilities (as this is the same "nameform" when my the approval of my request for Leave of Absence from my the Government of Barbados to travel to the US for study purposes was also used even though this was not how I was typically addressed there as well), which my now former employer was in my opinion was only too "happy" to significantly exploit as it started even when I was only interviewing for the position that I was eventually hired for, when at least three (3) different "nameforms" were used (photos shown at the bottom of this Post), which I have now concluded was an attempt to give the appearance that multiple individuals using variations of my name were hired at this entity and then proceeded to backdate documents once hired as documented in the post HOW TO IMPLEMENT IDENTITY THEFT AND LEGITIMIZE FRAUD -  UPDATED AND AMENDED, to carry out this new "reality".
I have never given that name form to anyone however, I CANNOT vouch for
my now ex spouse with her questionable identity issues (impostor described in comment #1 from 5/29/2015 on the Cosvry Investments COMMENTS 2015 Page, with the different birth years and in search of an identity).  
The true intent of this saddling of the individual is done surreptitiously to the individual but is made known everywhere in order that when the larger plan is enacted it will be clear that they were always correct. This “saddling” must be maintained therefore, when my insurance Provider was changed, those whose “new” identities are based on this “hollow” name being kept in place, followed to ensure that this "hollow" name is used at the new Provider, who is insinuating to me that I cannot obtain insurance without being saddled with this “hollow” name, this sound like a “subtle threat”. Maybe they are aware of information that I am not privy to, because the “State” and those who are “banking” this “new truth” are of such scale that they are telling me that “this is the way it is and I cannot do anything about it”, in this the pinnacle of freedom loving “Societies” everywhere.
Maintaining the status quo is the primary end produce of those who have made a mockery of the institutions of this “respected” Country and are “forcing” me to accept the “new truth” that I have shown to be a farce. When all else fails those whose self interest are based on maintaining their “pyramid” wealth schemes, resort to these. In reality the truth is as follows:
My mother’s reputation is at stake, from those who have tarnished it by insinuating that she had children prior to age 34, (see the series of posts on the subject ADDENDUM TO SUMMARY OF HIDDEN DANGERS/UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES AND OTHER ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH HAVING A "VIRTUAL" IDENTITIES). My late mother was a LADY in the true sense of the word who waited for my late father’s return from “seeking his fortune” to marry her, settle down and having her first child at age THIRTY FOUR (34) as stated above (see the post A TRIBUTE TO MY LATE MOTHER). Those are the facts, it is neither my late mother’s concern nor mine who cannot justify their legal entry into this Country and are being propped up by those who benefit financially and those who sell out the public trust with a “grin” and become wealthy through phony book sales. This is about my late mother’s reputation. To suggest that she was the type of individual many are accepting as the “norm” today is “fictional”, because that was NOT Mrs. Ina Elise Sobers (Brazant’s), NORMAL, for those who are unfamiliar with her (SHE HAD NO CHILDREN WHO WOULD BE OLDER THAN APPROXIMATELY 64/65 IF HER OLDEST WAS ALIVE TODAY).
The above is consistency as is the below depiction of my first Performance Evaluation from the Kerite Company, the very nuclear background for, which I was hired at the DAEC. As previously stated in the post “HOW IS THE MEMORABILIA OF YOUR QUALIFICATIONS DETERMINED? ” those who are truly qualified will always find a way to shine regardless of the obstacles placed before them by those whose only “truth” is thuggish behavior and for whom the end justifies the means (see the post CAN MY INVESTMENTS REALLY STAND UP TO INTENSE SCRUTINY?).  

A Copy of My First Performance From The Kerite Company - Dated December 1985
A Copy of My First Performance From Kerite - Dated December 1985



J_F_Brazant said...
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J_F_Brazant said...

Consistent with my new pledge to refrain from adding anything to my Blog, which either directly or indirectly gives credibility to those are misrepresenting either me or the Proprietorship in anyway, the prior comment was removed.

J_F_Brazant said...

Looks like some individual(s) with nothing else to do but plan identity switching scenarios who could not find any other path fell back on manipulating Danielle as a last resort as they did previously, in order to get their “questionably” obtained vehicle “legally” registered and vehicle insurance, by concocting a scheme to have Danielle forced out of her apartment in three (3) days to end up back here in Olin. These, “Society” individuals never cease to invent ways to get their objectives implemented. Now, I obtained my new insurance policy and am only awaiting the billing and it has nothing to do with the impostors who are hiding behind her for tax purposes and are now trying to “sneak” her here at this address to: 1) find an avenue to get onto my new insurance with her at this address & 2) give the appearance that Danielle never left the residence here in Olin since being released from OWL to even continue her studies and in this way a “Society’s” fraud who has been hiding behind her (and who would actually be the first from their family to attend college if they actually did, can graduate in her place, as was planned all along since she completes all her graduation requirements in August), and 3) mess up my relocating plans in order that “virtual” impostors can coincidentally relocate in their “fictitious” identity by “saddling” the residence here in Olin with an unplanned scenario as they have done since I relocated here in 1991 and claiming originality. There is nothing original about identity theft, phone spoofing and outright financial fraud no matter who is providing support for such activities (see the series of posts on the subject GIVING “LIFE” THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY (link on COMMENTS Page).

J_F_Brazant said...
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J_F_Brazant said...

A qualification is in order for my statement to the effect that my ex spouse never used that “hollow” name, while we were married, to point the scenario where at the same Institution that purchased my RV account (see below photo - on COMMENTS Page), where my ex spouse at one point opened accounts for her and our then two (2) children, in her usual format, as was consistently used (see below photos for consistency used - on COMMENTS Page). However, when the accounts documentation was issued, it turned up in the “hollow” name (shown in the below photo - on COMMENTS Page), obviously initiated by those with a desire to have this “hollow" name "in circulation", because of the identity switching that had been enacted here. The question to be answered here is who overruled her typical documents (none of, which had this "hollow" name, to issue the account in this name form?