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Thursday, January 3, 2013


The purpose of this post is to provide an answer to the question raised in an earlier post, namely “WHAT’S NEXT FOR AN INSTANT SOCIETY?" 
This was intended to be a rhetorical question to make readers think about its implications, however, in doing research I have discovered the answer to my own question in the most unlikely of places and must be shared. In the August 11, 2009 edition of that popular daily/weekend Business Publication (A17), two Writers in an article about the fast pace of innovations made a very interesting point, namely because of the speed at, which technological and other innovations have occurred in recent years, which have seemingly made ten (10) year increments appear to comparative to a century of innovation from previous generations and that the only true constant is trust, and I wholeheartedly agree. This is a provocative but very valid conclusion, because if there is a lack of trust in any undertaking (whatever it is) between two parties, it’s doomed to failure at some point, whether sooner or later. However, when such a relationship is discover it is truly “something to be treasured”.
For some who have trusted and had their trust betrayed, rekindling such will not come easy, but it can be achieved in the correct environment. Sometimes adjustments made have to be made to “find” that correct environment but once achieved will become clearly apparent and/or will be discovered to be such on a daily basis. In effect, proving that with the speed at, which discoveries are made in these days, ONLY ONE TRULY REMAIN'S CONSTANT AND IS WORTHY OF TRUST ABOVE ALL ELSE. 

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