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Friday, January 4, 2013


This subject matter from the previous post WHAT’S NEXT FOR AN INSTANT SOCIETY? is being edited and updated to include relevant details from the investment world about some of the underlying aspects of our instant society’s mindset from the IBD edition of 1/31/2003. This publication on page 1 under the caption “A GOOD BREAKOUT CAN TAKE TIME”, emphasized the following, once a leading stock that breaks out on heavy volume has been selected, and it quickly stalls, or even retreats to the buy point even after weeks have passed, the following action was to be avoided. The temptation to pursue another “highflier”, this could be a mistake. Instead, give a good stock time to build momentum, because often the pullback to start point is the prelude to strong gains. Such pullbacks can be a confidence shaker and even the best of stocks can dip back to their start (or pivot) point for short periods because all the weaknesses were not eliminated at the outset and such developments can “clear the decks” for a rise in value that can often occur in shaky markets. However, if it turns out that the stock is really a non-performer have a preset sell triggering point rule (ex. a 7% to 8%) from the buy point already in place. Basically, this article is advocating patience for the long run, a characteristic not practiced or valued in today’s society; hence the growth of the easily obtained “credentials” business, which some entities business model is based on and would not survive economically as functioning operations without reliance on such.
Those desirous of instant credentials without the associated work involved have to obtain "legitimate” records from somewhere and those of actual individuals are the only viable alternative, whether alive or deceased. This has become a “cottage” industry for those willing to provide such with a system in place to validate the practices to the detriment of those who have been impacted by such actions. This sequence of events that I stumbled unto may have been previously enacted against deceased individuals for the most part, however, the desire to cover-up the events in Vermont is probably what has led to the flagrant attempt to use my identity, accomplishments and qualifications in this manner. When enacting such activities drawing visible attention is avoided at all costs. However, because of the notion that it was felt that it could be implemented in a select environment, the decision was made to proceed; otherwise such a scheme would not be “flagged” in such an attention-getting way, in my opinion. See the post, “WHAT FACTORS ARE NEEDED FOR ATTEMPTING TO PROVE THAT ONE INDIVIDUAL CAN EXIST IN TWO PRINCIPAL RESIDENCES SIMULTANEOUSLY”, describing the ideal environment for such activities to be successful.     

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