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Friday, January 4, 2013


This is an update of the previous posts with partial implications on the subject; 1) ANOTHER REASON FOR EXCLUDING LOCATIONS FROM CONSIDERATION, 2) ELECTRONIC NETWORKING RECORDS FRAUD ON A SIGNIFICANT SCALE - UPDATED as well as THE ONE TRUE RELATIONSHIP CONSTANT to emphasize why such advancements in the wrong hands are not really the type of advancements intended by the originators.
The above post all in some manner deal with technology and its implications for society. However, in the wrong hands such advancements are a detriment to society as has been documented on the pages of this Blog. The writers of the article in that popular daily/weekend Business Publication from August 11, 2009 edition of (A17), describing the rapid pace of technological advancements probably meant that these improvements were all highly effective tools as long as there was the element of trust that they would always be used ethically. However, my adaptation of that point did not subscribe to this basic belief in any way, but to emphasize that only ONE can be trusted to direct (or order) the events an individual's life, not to the belief that “trust” could be placed in technological advancements to always be operated and used ethically by individuals. On the contrary as “Society’s” types have repeatedly shown their willingness to use any such method to further their ambitions of easily obtained credibility, ex: phone “spoofing”, “trawling” of online computer files unknown to the users for information to download and steal in the name of legitimacy, wealth accumulation and other unethical practices etc. 
What is being emphasized or pointed out here is that legitimate individuals don’t have to resort to methods such as electronic theft of a discarded email draft from a TRASH file to send to an unsuspecting (or cooperative) individual to inform him of their intent TO GET THEIR DESIRES IN another’s property, when all else (such as manipulation to obtain their desired outcome) has failed. Only thoseSociety’stypes and their Supporters with THIN standards use their resources to employ and rely on THEFT AND SUCH SIMILAR METHODS ROUTINELY AND THEN ELEVATION OF THE RECIPIENTS OF THE STOLEN CREDENTIALS INVOLVED (INTO LEADERSHIP POSITIONS) ETC., as a demonstration of ownership (such that their will be NO doubt of the “rightful” “ownership” by those involved in such “smoke and mirrors” credentials), as has been their pattern. Any semi-skilled actor can “play” the part of a leader (with the unseen assistance of other “Society’s” types propping him or her up), however, in the trenches, where such skills really would be needed to implement their professed qualifications, the dearth of such would be exposed and there is never any “ACTUAL” records of these types ever operating in the trenches that is not borrowed from others or just "REPORTED" on by one means or another.  

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