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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Many go through life in pursuit of some objective or goal and typically this is a good thing, except when it becomes an obsession. If life could be compared to horse racing’s Triple Crown, it would be said that eleven (11) horses have won that Crown (or title) and eleven (11) have lost. In 2012, another horse found itself in the enviable (or unenviable) position of becoming either the twelfth (12th) to win or twelfth (12th) to have lost. The Owners of that horse after assessing the horse’s chances scratched (or pulled) it from the race on race day.
How will history judge the horse that neither became the 12th to win the Triple Crown nor did it become the 12th to loose the third race in racing’s Triple Crown? It can only be said that the Owners knew when to quit. Life however, is not a horse race and when our goal(s) in life causes us to treat the lives of others as mere objects to be manipulated in the pursuit of any objective, then that goal has become an obsession and this should be a “red” flag that we are on the wrong path. Those who find themselves in such positions as horses do also wear blinders, only “selectively” seeing some singular objective ahead and nothing else, not knowing when to quit (as the Owners of the horse in 2012 Triple Crown decided to do). Whatever the obsession that drives such an individual, regardless of what is being chased, when the life of another is treated as a mere object for the manipulative reinventions of the latest version of reality chosen as the path to circumvent the express wishes of an individual who chooses to remain uninvolved with the world of a certain “Society’s’ Mogul, driven by his desire for a crown of sorts (namely, the “Wealthiest Person in the World”). My decision has often been repeated but is now clearly outlined in the post HOW WEALTH AND POWER CAUSES INDIVIDUALS/ENTITIES TO BEHAVE.
After some evaluation, my conclusion drawn is that this Mogul in pursuit of the “Title” (or Crown) he is pursuing, concluded that this “dream” would be realized in a certain continent and as a result decided to take certain liberties with my identity, qualifications and accomplishments as documented in the post AN EXAMPLE OF HIRING FOR THE PURPOSE OF ID TRANSFER. When any individual sees their resources as the means to their obsession, it has become a mission that can only be compared to actions of dictators, especially when accustomed to getting the object of his desires and is confronted with an individual who stands in the way of his attempt to achieve his “Crown”. When the alternate view is used as documented in the post THERE IS ALWAYS AN ALTERNATE VIEW I TIME IS TAKEN TO FIND IT, to determine the scenario being confronted with, what is realized is that of a Mogul who can only see such an individual as an object to be neutralized (see the post WHAT FACTORS ARE THE NEEDED FOR ATTEMPTING TO PROVE THAT ONE INDIVIDUAL CAN EXIST IN TWO PRINCIPAL RESIDENCES SIMULTANEOUSLY.When a Mogul uses dictatorial methods in a “free” society he becomes more dangerous than those despots who openly carry out acts of terror against their opponents to instill fear by example in order to achieve whatever his objective is will also become a footnote (or maybe a page) in history. A review of history will find it full of such examples of dictators and tyrants who rose and fell and any Mogul who uses despotic methods without knowing when to quit will follow in their example, because the same methods employed by such are typically used against them. If anyone had told the former Bear Sterns CEO a mere five (5) years ago that this strong arm business practices as referenced in the popular daily/weekend Business Publication from June 8, 2012 (C1), practiced from his former lofty perch in that Entity would drive it into non existence, would not have been believed. Despots and dictators (including Moguls) who terrorize in pursuit of their objectives rise and fall, history always repeats itself in this regard.

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