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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This follow-up from where this post THE IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING A TRANSACTION’S HISTORY (EDITED - 12/3/2012) UPDATED ended Is being carried out to include a summary of my experiences as pictured through the eyes of my brother, Paul in response to my earlier letter in, which I indicted that it was because of his educational example (in going back to school at UWI, Cave Hill after working for a number of years - see the highlighted section of the post MY FATHER’S LEGACY - WHO FILLED IT?) that gave me the encouragement to pursue this path myself but in the US. He candidly described the circumstances that I entered and endured to completed my studies (see the below letter),

The word above should be "DESCRIBING" 
Note: The Handwriting on this Envelope was that of my brother's original Wife Edith, who would use this method to get Paul to respond to correspondence (addressing the envelopes as a  reminder) since he never did like writing letters. 
unlike those (and their Supporters) who believe in easily obtained everything without having ever having to endure anything apart from publishing a “story” and then attempting to convince a “gullible” public of “legitimacy” (in two identities) because there is a host of other “Society’s” types propping up the fictional IDENTITY CRUTCH driven lives of such types so it must be “real”. However, if the background of the two-faced murals (of what is being relied on for the histories of the lives of these types) is observed, the twists and turns being relied on for the stories to even be tolerable are shockingly unbelievable. Hence the need for relying on constant advertising for the double realities of these “Society’s” types (as documented in the post WHAT FACTORS ARE THE NEEDED FOR ATTEMPTING TO PROVE THAT ONE INDIVIDUAL CAN EXIST IN TWO PRINCIPAL RESIDENCES SIMULTANEOUSLY). YOU CANNOT SIMPLY AFTER A NUMBER OF YEARS ABSORB THE IDENTITY, QUALIFICATIONS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF ANOTHER BY “CHERRY PICKING” WITHOUT EVER HAVING GONE THROUGH THEIR EXPERIENCES, BOTH HIGHS AND LOWS.


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