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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This outline was originally intended to be a comment to this post [THE IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING A TRANSACTION'S HISTORY (EDITED 12/3/2012)] but has been added as an update instead.
Some actually believe that the mailing of an apparently innocuous but deceptively addressed and loaded with carefully reference products on the date of the announcement of the discovery of the location of the camera (12/3/2012), which was used during my school years as a hobby photographer (see below photo of the “WINNING HANDS” mailing); actually makes them

The "o" should be "to" above
(“Society’s” and related types), connected to my school history even though never educated in any formal setting. These are the type of LABELS, NUMBERS AND MERGERS games “Society’s” types rely on for their EASILY OBTAINED CREDIBILITY and they really believe this nonsense (they must really be drinking “medadditional” tea). There are many things this theory overlooks, the most important being the fact that the dates of discovery and announcement of the camera are not the same, a fact not mentioned by me in the description (see below photo 
The above camera was a gift from my brother that acccompoanied me throughout most of my school years and after, which most of the early photos on this Blog's Pages were taken with
of old camera/school memorabilia). What Society's" con artist and their supporters won’t do for their easily obtained “legitimacy”, who would want to live in this manner anyway?

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J_F_Brazant said...

This Mogul is at it again, proving that my assessment of his words is indeed valid as in reviewing an old edition of the Investors Business Daily (IBD) from August 13, 2004 on page A3 he is quoted as follows ”We just stick with what we understand. If we stray, we will have done so inadvertently, not because we go reckless and substitute hope for rationality”. This is a very bold statement, which I have referred to on the pages of this Blog as being “hollow” (see comment # 1 from 12/1/2012 on COMMENTS 1 Page) Are you willing to prove that I am incorrect Mr. Mogul? My point is this, what do you know about the conferring of school diplomas and whose identities are valid and alternately those, which are not simply because in one case you benefit financially and the other you do not? I am willing to go out on a limb here and state that you Sir, have not only “strayed” but are up to your waist deep in uncharted territory.
It is common sense that simply (THE WAY YOU LIKE TO KEEP THINGS) FREQUENTING PAST ESTABLISHMENTS AS A MARK OF LEGITIMACY (link on COMMENTS 1 Page) does not demonstrate “authenticity”. (For example purchasing photographic from a Photo(Pro)fessional establishment previously frequented by me for purchases and purchasing equipment in my name does NOT make a con artist James F. Brazant, and the Owner of a camera he never touched literally. To pursue this logic, being used by your “Society’s” types, if I were to enter a past establishment frequented by You and proceeded to attempt to purchase products in your name, would this make me the omnipotent “Mogul” you are claiming to be? No it would not and similarly those hiding with phony accounts because your “Society’s” types close my financial accounts to facilitate identity switching do not make such types valid and you know this to be true. Your silence in the face of your own words is proving me correct in stating that they are indeed “hollow” words.