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Friday, December 14, 2012


I will attempt to avoid getting into any policy issues as an attempt is made to examine this “so-called”, “fiscal cliff” on an off negotiations, for consistency with my Proprietorship’s Guidelines. From what I can gather from the media reports, it would appear that “most” involved appeared to have taken positions to indicate that this looming deadline is unwanted. In my opinion, the real question is, how can both Sides agree to make the type of concessions needed without appearing to have “caved in” to the other Side. If this were that straight forward it would have been solved before.
Events seldom are what they appear to be however and another avenue has to be examined to determine what is the most likely scenario taking place. The possibility, which exists is for either side to attempt to gain some type of leverage over the other side (behind the scenes of course to “secure some objective needed by both Sides or those behind the scenes Deal-Makers involved.) The question then become what if neither side (nor their Allies) is successful in the pursuit of this objective, which was supposed to be “addressed” years ago by the typical methods, what then? Will serious negotiations really take place or will some avoidable moment be allowed to take place? Will the Deal Makers allow the “unwanted” or hold all hostage for their methods of resolving issues, “covering-up” that somehow left the covered over objective still exposed to the dismay of those involved? Only time will tell if real seriousness will prevail or will a cliffhanger moment truly loom ahead? Had the courage to allow events to follow the proper avenue years ago, a cliffhanger stalemate would be unnecessary.
Instead of engaging in quid pro quo deal making to place my Sister here in the USA generally and in Jones County Iowa, specifically for the purpose of covering up the Vermont event from 1990 [previously discussed on the pages of this Blog in posts such as HOW ARE X-RAYS AND A DIVIDEND CHECK CONNECTED - (EDITED) ], such a moment would have been avoided. For example, if allowing the normal curse of events to occur had taken place in 1990, there would have been no need for an Employer to hire for the purpose of identity switching (see the below photos) and the on-going events that are still unfolding many years later.
The approval number (6-39/78-27) for this transfer of funds approval is in the upper right corner

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