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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Investors Business Daily (IBD) had (or still has) a feature called IBDs Ten (10) Secrets to Success and of these 10, two (2) appealed to me as the most significant and important of the group of character qualities in my opinion, as follows:

1. “Be Honest, and Dependable; take Responsibility”

2. “Learn How To Analyze Details”

To the credit of this Publication, it did point out that the nine (9) other qualities (or Secrets to Success) were immaterial if (their) number ten (10) and number one (1) above wasn’t included in the tenets to follow.
To further describe this feature, I chose an “arbitrary” past Publication’s date, October 26, 2004 and focused on their success story for that day. As it turned out, their successful Leader for that day was entrepreneur George Bisssell the “Father of the Oil Industry”. He notably had an eye for innovation and/or opportunity, who in the mid 19th Century recognized that a “dark smelly substance called rock oil”, which bubbled from the ground in Pennsylvania, had greater value than most attributed to it. During that period there was an energy crisis going on, namely a shortage of lamp oil.
During a cross-country journey of his, he observed how “rock oil” seeped to the surface. It was either skimmed or soaked up with rags to bottle for use as a medical tonic, its main use at the time and foresaw the commercial possibilities. At this time hearth lamps burned either whale or lard oil in order to provide light at night in addition to beeswax candles. Demand for lighting material was booming due to the dwindling supply of whale oil.
Bissell with his eye for detail recognized that “rock oil” was flammable and realized the potential possibilities.  As a result, he had it analyzed to confirm his beliefs and the rest is history. He founded this Country’s first petroleum company, financed the first oil well with investors and built his business from there into a successful enterprise. Who knew that “rock oil” of the 19th Century would become the mega conglomerate enterprise it is today? One individual did and pursued his passion that has become what we know as the behemoth industry it is now known as.
This innovator had an eye for detail, recognized the potential, took the leap of faith and a global giant industry was “born”. This example serves to emphasize that a single individual can make a difference even when the thinking of the day points in a completely different direction. Oh for others with the faith of a true innovator, to pursue their “own” ideas in an honest, dependable and responsible manner. (Just imagine, he didn’t even have to swindle any individual out of anything (whether, identity, qualifications or accomplishments), to achieve success while using fictional methods to cover-up what he was really doing (see the below deceptively fictitious email sent to cover-up the stealing of qualifications being carried out
by “Society’s” types under the cloak of “spam”). In conclusion, the “Father of the Oil Industry” demonstrated that “success” can be achieved by having an eye for detail, recognizing opportunity when its presented, seizing the moment and honestly working hard and moving towards the objective at hand.


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J_F_Brazant said...

George Bissell was originally from New Hampshire