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Monday, December 31, 2012


This is follow-up to the posts COINCIDENCES AND OTHER THINGS - UPDATED (10/30/2012) as well as HOW TO ESTABLISH AN INVESTIGATION THAT WILL BLAME NO-ONE to document that while the current financial crisis (of at least a century) was a crisis for many, not all suffered as a result and this post is an effort to help put this series of events in proper perspective for a better understanding. According to that popular daily/weekend Business Publication from August 26, 2011 a certain well-known Mogul went on a spending spree during this fiasco for many and profited greatly. Those deals between 2008 and 2009 totaled more than $21 billion in such corporate Titans as, Wall Street’s Goldman, General Electric, Swiss Reinsurance Co, Dow Chemical Co and Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co in the form of preferred equity, bonds and other preferred instruments with some of the highlights as follows:

In 2008:
GOLDMAN & SACHS GROUP INC. - $5 billion for, which Goldman paid $5.5 billion to redeem in the spring of 2011 after having previously paid $1 billion in dividends to the Mogul (as of the time of this article the stock had dropped 12%).

GENERAL ELECTRIC CO - $3 billion in preferred stock to boost liquidity for, which GE was expected to repay the Mogul in terms similar to what he obtained from Goldman (however, as of the article’s writing the stock had dropped 37%).

BYD (Shenzhen, China based manufacturer of “Green” vehicles), - US$1.8 billion for a 10% stake in that company through its MidAmerican Energy unit), A deal at the time thought to be a wise investment with its rising share price, however by 2011 the price had fallen to around HK$16/share down from a high of approximately $19/share (as reported in the August 24, 2011 edition of that popular daily/weekend Business Publication).

In 2009:
SWISS REINSURANCE CO - $2.6 billion in the form of a loan to rebuild its capital and in return the Mogul received 12% annual return in securities and the loan has been repaid.

In 2011:
Even though the Judge in the case wasn’t impressed by the $33 million “sweetheart” settlement worked out with the SEC and BofA, as previously documented in comment # 1 from 12/23/2012 on the
COMMENTS 2 Page, (the mere fact that it was publicly proposed was sufficient) for some Mogul who apparently offered to “invest” in their institution to the tune of the $5 billion he was reported to have offered to invest in this entity that began with a phone call from this Mogul office at approximately 11:00 am on August 24, 2011 and ended one day later the 25th at 8:30 am with the Board of Directors approving the infusion. What a vote of confidence from One (noted for his highly “thin” standards) in this Institution for having the courage to publicly propose their $33 million settlement deal with the SEC (to provide a con artist with “legitimacy” based on another’s records). Could it be that this was a quid pro quo deal worked out and would have taken place anyway, irrespective of whatever else occurred, because it provided support for this entity’s identity switching/stealing, perpetual wealth generating methodology?
In conclusion, since this crisis, which just happened to bring about “coincidental” distressed conditions for many, not all suffered therefore, no-one can be at fault when a few profited so handsomely at the expense of so many, because if one individual knew to bet against the subprime market as documented in the post “WHAT’S NEXT FOR AN INSTANT SOCIETY? ”, at least another [who is known as a type of “Sultan of Panama” and prides himself as being omnipotent (because for some unknown reason he appears to be knowledgeable of all the events in my life) and who profited handsomely (in his all-knowing wisdom) most likely, also knew]. I WONDER WHAT TYPE OF DISTRESSED CONDITIONS WILL “COINCDENTALLY” OCCUR AT SOME POINT IN TIME NEXT TO ENABLE THIS MOGUL TO PROFIT GREATLY OUT OF THE SUFFERING OF SO MANY? This is in a nutshell why a “WHO” answer was not possible in that financial crisis inquiry, in my opinion.

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