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Sunday, December 9, 2012


This take off from the post THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESS OF “SOCIETY’S” TYPES  (EDITED 12/8/2012) is being carried out to include a practical example of covering-up with appropriately included inserts, previously only briefly summarized in a comment from 11/7/2012 on the COMMENTS Page (accessible now only via the PREVIOUS COMMENTS link on the COMMENTS 1 Page), to emphasize and highlight the methodology used.
“Society’s” types are of the opinion that demonstrating ownership is nothing more than taking up a vehicle from a Marion used car Dealership after it’s been turned in, closing the Dealership completely and then having the former Dealer become a supplier of building products “windows” to cover up the fact that the Mitsubishi was ever turned into that place of business, which now “never existed” (see the below photos, which establishes a tangible trail 
Please note the County specific numbers are in addition to the number on the Registration Plates

for the record). This “clever” form of  historical records alteration “speaks” volumes about this location and the events that took place there as well as demonstrating the methods of those who “hide” with their “two” FACES and attempt to try and take credit for the accomplishments of others while “banking” that these practices will in turn pass for “legitimacy”. Only “Society’s” types will accept such nonsense, as “credibility” for their motto is anything goes it can be covered-up down the road.
This post documents how the Mazda was traded in for the Mitsubishi Montero SUV once plans had changed. What this post omitted is the fact that and out of pocket total in the amount of seventy-three dollars and thirty cents ($73.30) was needed to complete this transaction’s purchase. Altering historical records and closing businesses alone among “Society’s” types is not the path to “legitimacy”; there is “real” world that sometimes requires more than a wink and a nod to grant “authenticity”. A con artist even a protected one, regardless of how many layers of other “Society’s” types and Taxpayers Agencies are being misused to prop such types up with their fictional histories, careful uses of “credibility” provided by numbers and different name changes that cannot be explained by simply mailing unsolicited communication here to 8263 140th Ave, Olin, IA 52320 and hope that these fictional occurrences as well as uses of numbers (see below photos for applicable information) used as a basis for proving “legitimacy”
The County Number assigned with the Registration is in addition to the Pegistration Plates Number see the posts HOW ARE X-RAYS AND A DIVIDEND CHECK CONNECTED? and ADDENDUM TO THE  IMPLICATIONS OF ALTERING A TRANSACTION'S HISTORY (EDITED 12/3/2012) - UPDATED
will automatically translate into“authenticity” (see the post NETWORKING TO IMPLEMENT ID SWITCHING FRAUD - UPDATED). This complex example used here in this description is intended to provide a snapshot into the methodology of “Society’s” types favorite form of historical records alteration. It also relies on the assigning of a “hollow” name to me (see comment # 2 from 11/21/2012 on the COMMENTS Page, now accessible via the PREVIOUS COMMENTS link on the COMMENTS 1 Page) and simultaneously transferring “legitimacy” to con artist types via the use of LABELS AND NUMBERS, which is never ending because such “types” have no “real” beginning. For any individual, actually able to find tangible evidence that Marion Auto Sales ever existed, as well how this complicated trail automatically transferred an identity and a name to “Society’s” types in IA who never lived in the East Coast, practically but only in “theory” for covering-up the 1990 VT events and to aid in perpetual wealth-generating; YOU MAY BE DESERVING OF ONE OF THE DEEPEST WISHES YOU HAVE “HOPED” FOR!

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