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Sunday, December 23, 2012


In picking up on the theme as planned to coincide with my birth date, which is today, December 23rd, VIEWING FROM AN ALTERNATEPERSPECTIVE, time is being taken to honor the memory of a loving Mother, who never stopped giving me advice even from a distance and who “gave her life” for a cause she never knew and would have never supported in anyway shape or form. To digress, on Friday 21st while out clearing snow in the driveway (to ensure that my son would be able to re-enter the driveway on his return home since he was caught out in the blizzard at work from Wednesday the 19th when he decided to await the coming blizzard to ensure he would be in place to oversee the normal functioning of his Departmental rather than be stuck at home under these conditions). While out, I saw a flock of approximately fifty (50) Canadian geese flying south in the usual V-shaped pattern between 4:30 and 5:00 pm. What was unusual in this scenario was that a single goose was flying in pursuit of the others approximately 300 to 400 yards behind. The thought occurred to me, how many individuals if caught in a similar situation would be able to chart a course and maintain it successfully as this single goose was doing?      
Back to my main focus, since the summer of 2000 was such an instrumental year for me in that an activity intended for devious purposes (see the post DRIVBY OWNERS AND THEIR COMMON FEATURES SHARED WITH SOME BIRDS), was turned around and made into an instrument for CHANGE regardless of what some may attempt to associate my Proprietorship with, it is being used as the basis for his post. As a result, to best highlight her memory in my opinion is to typify it by example with the actions of another female who saw the alternative view from her perspective and turned things around. 
This CEO, known as KM took over the operation of the retail chain Tuesday Morning in August 2000. What she discovered was the following: 1) inventory mounting at widely scattered warehouses, 2) inventory not arriving in time for store sales and 3) an outmoded tracking system, making staying on top of inventory impossible. She took charge by: 1) centralizing warehouse operations, 2) purchasing a state-of-the-art inventory tracking system, 3) seting unbendable deadlines for in-store product deliveries, 4) making sure that loyal customers received advanced notice of event sales and 5) increasing the marketing budget. After 2 short years, her swift action had paid off and an operation that was in decline was brought back to “life” through the first three (3) quarters of that year to the extent of almost a 180-degree turn (the period, which was the focus of this IBD article from October 24, 2005). 
What are some of the techniques employed by some leaders from, which examples can be adapted: 1) to survive “real” change is needed, 2) be very careful who you surround yourself with, since direct reports provide “filtered’ information, which may or may not be accurate, 3) consider your customers (in whatever medium you are involved with) as your chief advisers by finding out what they “actually” desire through research and not the opinions of individuals and 4) CONSTANTLY LEARN FROM YOUR EXPERIENCES TO RECOGNIZE HOW THE ALTERNATIVE VIEW CAN BE REALIZED AND BECOME MORE ADEPT AT IMPLEMENTING LESSONS LEARNED IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS

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