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Sunday, December 16, 2012


This follow-up to the previous post HISTORICAL EVENTS CANNOT BE ALTERED BY RESOURCES is being done to highlight issues documented on the Conservery Website from May 2005 to emphasize as documented in the title of this post that time does not alter events just because those with resources desire them to be for perpetual wealth-generating purposes and spreading rumors in the aid of whatever they choose (see the below photo insert).

This post for historical purposes ONLY is regards the choice not to wear bands as noted for the reason stated and NONE other.
Of specific note is the Issue 8 (For Awareness Only) due to the identity-related issues taking place by those who believe that cover-up is viable alternative to any development (especially when “Society’s” types are involved), without regard for the rights of the individuals connected. ANY INDIVIDUAL NEEDING INFORMATION ABOUT ME SHOULD REQUEST IT FROM ME AND NOT RELY ON THOSE WITH SELF INTERESTED MOTIVES TO SPEAK ON MY BEHALF!

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